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The third term is building on the core courses of the two previous terms and looks at the more practical side of business Read more

Returning to Beijing last week from my internship in Hong Kong, I had a strange sense that I was coming home.

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Part of the process of studying for an MBA is reflecting on future aspirations and goals and taking steps now to achieve future aims Read more

Reading business case studies can be interesting but I’ve found some to be lacking because they are often too short, linear and do not have the subjective information that would make for a thrilling detective novel. Read more

Making the decision to study for an MBA is not easy. It means leaving family and friends and often a well-paid job. However, the rewards can be well worth it Read more

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During the summer MBA students were scattered all over the world. However they managed to keep in contact via Facebook which also helped in the initiation of a slightly strange summer pastime  Read more

An internship is an opportunity to try something new. It has certainly paid off for one FT MBA blogger who now believes she has a far better understanding of marketing. Read more

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