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Federico Zaldua, Columbia Business School

It is important to dedicate yourself to what you have a true passion for, otherwise you will not be good enough Read more

Andi Caruso, SDA Bocconi

Although the Class of 2012 on the MBA programme at SDA Bocconi are only a few weeks into their course, nevertheless the work is piling up. However, there is still some time left for extra-curricular activitiesi Read more

Thomas Gatley, Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management

There are many perils inherent in generalising from the particular, nowhere more so than in China. Read more

Kelvin Chiu

Despite studying and lessons, there is still time to try new activities and to make new friends and contacts Read more

Andrea Nowack, George Washington University

A trip to New York illustrates how it is important to have an open mind about the job search process  Read more

Al Kennedy

I am writing this post on ‘Steve Jobs Day’, a commemoration in California of the loss of a true business leader and innovator.

The outpouring of such respect and emotion, demonstrated by the tributes left outside the Apple Store in New York City to a corporate chief executive is quite striking; notably because it is not something we are used to seeing in the business world. Read more

Kamal Nagi, Stanford Graduate School of Business

MBA students attend business school for a variety of different reasons. A discussion among friends however reveals that they all believe that the MBA brings credibility Read more

Abhishek Ramanathan, Australian School of Business

If you’ve ever lived in this part of the world, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear people enquiring what the MBA is all about. Read more

Andrew DeLuca, WHU

I am proud to say that the leadership “diary” I was given the first week of the MBA programme has started to form a decent collection of thoughts and quotes about the subject. I think my teachers would say leadership is not about how many pages you have written but about how well you know the pages that matter. Read more

Karenina Loayza, MBA Cass Business School

One of the biggest challenges of any international and diverse business school is keeping the student cohort happy, because each of us has different expectations and a distinct approach to the programme.

 Read more

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

Travelling to three countries in five days with four strangers was paradigm shifting. That is the only way that I can explain it. Read more

Lidija Pehak Kolenko, Essec Business School

I cannot believe but a year has gone by just like that. The day of graduation came and I was still not able to imagine that this was the end, that everything was done. That day I had so many mixed feelings. Read more

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Business schools often try to entice potential students by promoting the collaborative nature of their programmes. This year, I witnessed what I believe are some of the best examples of collaboration and teamwork amongst my peers at the Saïd Business School.

 Read more

Mehul Ruparelia, Indian School of Business

So it has been over six months since I packed up my life and came to India and the ISB. The point in time also marks halfway of my MBA which is a scary thought as it seems like only yesterday I arrived!

 Read more

Sean Brady, Open University Business School

It is nearly a year since I was involved in a ceremonial occasion, namely when the unit I had been with in Afghanistan marched through the streets of our local town when we returned. The support from the local population was humbling and it was truly one of the highlights of my military career so far. However, whenever you march to the sound of a band there is always the nagging fear that you will drift out of step of the drum. Read more

Katie Cannon, London Business School

So I’m finally here - and I just about know my east LA from my west LA, my 10 from my 405, although the difference between the 110 and the 101 still needs some work! There are so many things to say about Los Angeles - but let’s start with “Blimey - this is an enormous city!” Which explains my need for wheels.

 Read more

Kelvin Chiu

This past weekend I celebrated the last birthday of my 20s with some of my MBA classmates and friends.  We went for some really tasty local cuisine at the “Dai Pai Dong” style restaurants at the North Point Market.  It was a great way to enjoy the local culture of Hong Kong and I think everyone had a great time. Read more

Wesley Cole, Cass Business School

As an undergraduate time was something to be squandered, but now studying for an EMBA and working full time, one MBA blogger understands the importance of time management Read more

Julia Steinberg

Last weekend, I ordered a take out from a local restaurant. My wait time was more than twice as long as it was supposed to be, the staff were rude and the food was cold when I finally received it. Read more

Andrew DeLuca, WHU

A business simulation game allows students to make investment and strategy decisions in a controlled and fun environment Read more

Andrea Nowack, George Washington University

An interview with an entrepreneur provides some interesting tips and insights for some MBA students Read more

Karenina Loayza, MBA Cass Business School

As the MBA programme gets into full swing time management skills come to the fore  Read more

Al Kennedy

The first full-time One Planet MBA is a joint project between Exeter Business School and the World Wildlife Fund. Blogger Al Kennedy is excited to be on the inaugural programme.  Read more