Monthly Archives: November 2011

I cannot believe that the first year of my part time programme is almost over. Classes finish on Friday for the year – with a test. I am certain that they did that on purpose otherwise no one would have pitched for class! Read more

The chance to study business in Ethiopia is a thrilling prospect Read more

Although life on an MBA programme is hectic, nevertheless there is still time for a leisurely meal at a traditional Italian restaurant Read more

The past few weeks have been quite busy on the Thunderbird campus. One of the more significant events was the inaugural Global Business Dialogue, which brought more than 1,000 alumni and distinguished business and social sector leaders from over 50 countries to discuss current global leadership challenges. Read more

With only a few weeks before the holidays, there is time for a special elective that includes a field trip to Hong Kong and Mumbai Read more

What does an MBA programme entail? For some the degree resembles a human experiment Read more

The holidays beckon bringing with it the opportunity to travel. But first, the students have the end of term exams to face Read more

An MBA is a transformative experience and for some students can lead to an “ah ha” moment – a time when there is an understanding of self Read more

Operations management may well be a tricky subject but it is a vital topic and worth paying attention in lessons Read more

As the fall quarter gets underway the recruiting season begins and the air is thick with anticipation and anxiety Read more

The power of networks can be far more pervasive than you realise and surfaces in the most unexpected of places Read more

With graduation little more than a month away Miguel has no regrets about studying for an MBA Read more

Periods of increased pressure, if approached in a positive frame of mind, can be both exhilarating and also highly productive Read more

Business school gives you the time for soul searching and to decide what career path you want to follow Read more

As his MBA programme draws to a close Ryan reflects on the last two years’ of study and is convinced it is the best decision he ever made  Read more

It is only when you live in a country for a period of time that you really begin to understand its culture Read more

The advantages of a one-year programme Read more

To mark the end of the first section of the MBA, teams of students were assigned a company facing a challenge. Their brief was to examine strategy, organisational behaviour and accounting and come up with recommendations.  Read more

A behind the scenes look at a leading international internet retailer is an interesting experience. Although it may look like chaos, in fact the factory is a highly optimised facility Read more

Wesley bemoans the technical text books that he has to read and yearns for academic writing in plain English.  Read more