Monthly Archives: December 2011

The transition from work to the MBA programme is often one of fun and relaxation, however for Mihai this could not be further from the truth Read more

Meeting the key players in the media industry in Los Angeles has been the icing on the cake for the London Business School exchange students Read more

Ten days are all I have before I board the aircraft to Rotterdam. The tickets are here, the packing is still to be started, there are refresher-tests to be written before Christmas, the preparation for the case competitions is already on and the to-do list is never-ending. Read more

Why do women choose to study for an MBA? A group of female students discuss the issue Read more

Although the holidays are in sight there remains plenty of work for the MBA students, from revising for exams to building up a stock portfolio Read more

With his MBA studies at Tsinghua SEM at and end Thomas Gatley reflects on his time in China and his hopes for the future Read more

The first term is over and it is now time for the students to select their exchange schools preferences Read more

Four exciting days, 12 leading investment banks, 20 passionate people, one amazing week. This is how the pre-Insead London investment banking trek felt and looked like to me. Read more

Revision is a great way of committing knowledge to memory, especially when the spur is fear of failure and exam resits Read more

The inter-school MBA case study competition gives students at George Washington University the opportunity to work together in small teams and come up with what they hope will be a winning strategy for a business plan Read more

Studying internationally gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture and to fulfil long-cherished dreams Read more

The second year of an MBA programme is a time for reflection and focusing on subjects of special interest through electives Read more

The last few weeks have seen the intensity grow as we run up to the holiday period – with the majority of our first term module assignments now due before the end of the year. Read more

The recruitment season is about to begin at ISB and recruiters are visiting the Hyderabad campus to give an indication of what roles they will be looking to fill in the coming months Read more

An integral part of any MBA programme is team work which can present challenges when a group of disparate personalities have to learn to work together Read more

Leadership is not just taught in the classroom, there is much to be learnt from workshops and physical activities Read more

A two-week executive training programme at Kellogg School of Management provided welcome insights into innovation management and intellectual capital management Read more