Monthly Archives: January 2012

Although the programme is only a few weeks old students are already forming friendships which they hope will last a lifetime Read more

As the end of the programme approaches, students are throwing themselves into the recruitment season and focusing on job interviews Read more

If 2011 was described as “twenty-heaven” then I proclaim 2012 to be “twenty-self”. This is the year for big change and big opportunities and as always an MBA can open these doors. Read more

The holiday season allowed time for reflection on the MBA programme so far and has also created a greater awareness of international business affairs  Read more

The beginning of the MBA programme is a thrilling – if exhausting – time: orientation week, club fair and the all important recruitment events.  Read more

Three weeks from today, I will be in Singapore! I don’t know if any of you have been there before but I haven’t and that is why I am so excited. Read more

In late December, with three of my colleagues I headed a group of 35 MBA students, faculty and staff from the school on an official trip to Qatar and the UAE. Read more

Case competitions provide an opportunity to work with team mates and pit your wits against other business school students Read more

Cass MBA Students have been on a “break” since the 16th December. I have placed “break” in inverted commas as we had our final exams in the early part of January. Read more

Mastering time management is one of the most important skills that an MBA student can learn Read more

Innovation is not synonomous with technology – any company can innovate Read more

An exchange trip provides an opportunity to enhance networks and enjoy a different culture Read more

The new year brings with it the decision to reassess one’s goals and ambitions and the resolution to find a job within one month of graduation Read more

The beginning of an MBA programme is an exciting time for students who have come from all corners of the globe to study for the business degree Read more

It is all very well learning lessons in theory, however putting them to the test in the real world reveals the need for more hands-on business experience Read more

With his MBA diploma under his belt, Miguel reflects on his life-changing year as a business school student Read more

An executive MBA allows participants to put lessons learnt into practice immediately. A recent information management module at school provided insights into an overlooked aspect of IT – relationship management  Read more

Learning about marketing gives students the opportunity to understand the intricacies of brand strategy and various marketing models such as Swot analysis Read more

The new year brings a time for reflection and for resolutions  Read more