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The spring break gives students the opportunity to take study tours overseas, witnessing at first hand how companies operate internationally  Read more

Whilst doing our business research module in which we learnt about effective research and writing skills, our director of studies in Perugia Dr Zahid Hussain took us to visit an Italian company based in the nearby Marche region. Read more

A business education means that you tend to view the world through different coloured glasses, where ever you may be, even at an airport check-in desk Read more

A wide variety of industries and occupations are represented on the Stanford GSB MBA programme, with many of the class wanting to become entrepreneurs Read more

An overseas trip gave students from Wharton’s east and west coast campuses the opportunity to network with students from Stellenbosch Business School as well as experience at first hand the practicalities of engaging with emerging markets  Read more

MBA students had the opportunity to listen to a speech by the German chancellor Angela Merkel on the future of Europe  Read more

Mixing a case competition with a downhill skiing contest provided students with a great opportunity to network and flex their business and sporting muscles  Read more

After I received admission to the one-year full-time residential MBA programme (PGPex), my joy knew no bounds.

 Read more

Life at ESMT is not just studying, there is also time to enjoy all that Berlin has to offer  Read more

Ok, so until now we have been talking about academics, careers and other essential MBA things, but have not yet touched upon another subject where Insead also scores highly: its social scene, including the famous Insead parties… Read more

Cass Women In Business Society recently hosted an event featuring women who had become leaders in their companies. Read more

With graduation at Harvard Business School just around the corner, those students who have secured a job offer are making the most of their final months at school Read more

With the MBA programme almost at the halfway mark it is time to reflect on past experiences and the exchange visit ahead Read more

As our programme director told us on, the first week in March was supposed to be one of the best weeks of the IMD MBA. It was the week of the [in]famous integrative exercise – the monster that everyone who has passed through these hallowed halls will remember vividly. Read more

An exchange programme is a great way of experiencing another culture and as long as you plan well in advance, it is perfectly possible to bring your children with you. Read more

The life of an MBA student is a hectic one, involving late night assignments, case competitions, overseas’ travel and missed flights Read more

Our latest module is strategic management. As part of it the module leader Deborah Allcock asked us to discuss the question β€˜Is marriage strategic?’ It seemed an odd question at first but it really got us thinking about management strategies and how the concept of marriage translates in business. Read more

MBA students at ESMT give an insiders’ view of living in Berlin Read more

Although more women are entering management positions, MBA programmes still tend to be predominantly male Read more

If you are a woman and interested in business, then the best advice one female blogger can give is to do an MBA Read more

Although women have come a long way, there is still much they can do in carving out roles as policital and business leaders Read more

Although there are only a small percentage of female MBA students in their class, the women students are unconcerned. seeing it more as a contest of minds, rather than gender  Read more

Ahead of International Women’s Day a female MBA blogger reflects on the need for more women in business Read more

A conference hosted by London Business School in the lead up to International Women’s Day was inspirational and gave many of the female MBAs plenty of food for thought Read more