Monthly Archives: April 2012

“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne

It has only been two weeks at IIM Calcutta and it already feels like ages. What a whirlwind journey it has been so far – orientation, assignments, pre-readings, group projects, presentations, surprise quizzes and what not. These few days have been enough to reinforce the fact that the full time PGPex (Post Graduate Program for experienced executives) is not for the faint-hearted. Read more

When you are doing an MBA it is easy to become focused on the task in hand and to forget to look beyond the programme to the world outside Read more

The MBA is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and students are determined to make the most of it Read more

The Easter vacation has allowed a period of reflection and not only on the MBA experiences so far, but also thinking about the future and potential careers  Read more

An MBA gives students the opportunity to think outside the usual parameters and consider different ways of doing business Read more

A Model United Nations simulation gives students the opportunity to flex their MBA muscles and understand the importance of keeping an open mind in negotiations Read more

The spring break allows students a time for reflection and the opportunity to catch up with family and friends Read more

For many people, the goal of the first year in the MBA programme is to get an internship. But, once you have landed that big internship, what comes next? This is the situation I find myself in these days. Read more

A study trip to Ethiopia provides fresh perspectives and cultural understanding Read more

With the recruiting season upon them the students have to be both persistent and prepared to network, network and network Read more

Accepting an internship offer can be fraught with complications – do you take the first offer even though it may not be what you want or do you bide your time and hope that eventually the right offer will come along? Read more

International conferences give students the opportunity to network and discover that although they may hail from very different countries their concerns are similar  Read more

In his final blog Andrew de Luca reports that his MBA has been the experience of a lifetime Read more

With half of the programme completed students are now able to handle team work with a greater degree of maturity Read more

If you keep your wits about you, there are examples of case studies in every-day experiences which might come in handy when facing exams Read more

Students from several of the Indian Institutes of Management have got together to create an unofficial inter-school networking event.  Read more

The MBA year is flying by, but amid the academics there is plenty of time for socialising  Read more

After a busy first term the Easter vacation provides a welcome respite with some students taking the opportunity to return home and others to travel around Europe and further afield  Read more

Studying on an MBA programme is not only learning about management techniques, it is also about implementing change.  Read more