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Despite the heavy academic workload, there is still plenty of time for fun and relaxation Read more

The academic side of the MBA might be over, but there is still plenty of work ahead before graduation Read more

Studying for an MBA in Italy has allowed one student the chance to indulge his passion for art with frequent trips to Florence Read more


While soccer lovers, the world over were gearing up for the UEFA champions league finals between Germany’s Bayern Munich and the UK’s Chelsea FC, we the first year MBA students were slugging it out on the soccer pitch with the second year MBA students for a place in the finals of the dean’s cup soccer competition. Read more

Recently, I took part in a group project where we negotiated a merger between AT&T and Seattle-based McCaw Wireless. It was a fascinating experience, not only for the lessons about valuation. Read more

An international trip allows students the chance to explore a different culture as well as the opportunity to socialise and get to know each other better Read more

As well as the opportunity to take electives in the second half of an MBA programme, for some students there is also the chance to work overseas and gain experience in fields as diverse as healthcare, luxury, energy and demographic studies Read more

The year 2012 marks 20 years since CB Bhattacharya began his professorial career. As the dean of international relations at the European School of Management and Technology and E.ON chair professor in corporate responsibility, CB is sure that businesses can do both good and do well at the same time. Read more

A group project involves not only collaboration, but agreeing on an agreed timetable and objective. When team members hail from various corners of the world this is not always an easy task Read more

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A game of golf is an excellent opportunity for some networking and the chance to find out more about your chosen career path  Read more

I want to start this entry by saying how unbearably hot and humid the weather in Hong Kong is already. I know I shouldn’t be complaining coming from Canada but the thought of having to wear a suit to an event right now makes me cringe. Read more

A three-day event of practical business management simulation experience generated a period of excitement, creativity and competitiveness.

 Read more

An MBA programme is an intense experience and many close friendships are formed.  Read more

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