Monthly Archives: June 2012

Wing Lee, Ceibs

With two weeks to go before the start of his MBA programme, one student gets a taste of what is to come. Read more

Hajime Sudo, Bradford-Perugia joint MBA programme

With exams and modules under their belts, the students on the Bradford-Perugia programme are preparing for their internships in various corners of the globe Read more

Noel Hanssens, University of Hong Kong

One of the most interesting aspects of an MBA programme is the international diversity found within any class. By the end of any programme you will have friends in several continents  Read more

Mihai Danila, Insead

An MBA programme is an intense experience. But it is important to remember that although you are faced with new experiences each and every day, it must not be at the expense of your old life and old friends Read more

Aman Modi, IMD Class of 2012

Many MBA students find the finance module one of the most difficult, but revision classes lead by one student ahead of the finance exam proved extremely beneficial. Read more

Lucky Sigbenu

Students at Lagos Business School had the opportunity of listening to advice from the one of Africa’s most high-profile businessmen Read more

Aurelie Metcheka

A week-long trip to Russia included visits to a variety of companies – from luxury brands to software – but there was still time for sightseeing and catching up with alumni Read more

Ernest Kwame Gyimah, European School of Management and Technology

There is a maxim that “the business of business is business”. This however, is changing to be “the business of business is our people, planet and profit”. This is an inspiration for the Social Impact Club at my school, ESMT. Read more

Kelvin Chiu

It`s the last week of the term before the summer and everyone is working hard to get those final course papers and presentations completed. It is a whirlwind time again as some classmates get ready for their summer internships and business study trips, while others are moving out of their apartments or getting ready for summer term courses. Read more

Ashish Rastogi, IIM Calcutta

Knowing what you want to do once you graduate and working towards that goal while you are still on the MBA programme can help you in your pursuit of a dream job Read more

Anthemos Georgiades, Harvard Business School

With the school year coming to a close with graduation last week, I asked my friend and previous interview subject Freddy Flaxman to briefly share his reflections on Harvard Business School with an address to our fellow graduating Class of 2012. These were his thoughts. Read more

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

My MBA programme has taken me on a whirlwind tour over the last month and I have been exposed to the most inspiring, professional and intellectual individuals, both students and corporate executives. Read more