Monthly Archives: August 2012

Lee Mrnjavac, Iese Business School

As the summer comes to an end – yet another couple of months have flown by – I am trying to drag myself back into a studious frame of mind, which so effortlessly left me the day my internship finished. Read more >>

Wesley Cole, Cass Business School

With a long summer break it is easy to become distracted and postpone coursework and reading assignments, but there is always a day of reckoning Read more >>

Stephen Garden, London Business School

Many business schools run semester-long exchange programmes such as the one London Business School runs with Haas at UC Berkeley Read more >>

Derek Laan, Sungkyunkwan - Kelley School of Business

Before the start of any MBA it is important to get to know your colleagues. A relaxing weekend away from the school is one of the best ways of achieving this Read more >>

Ashish Rastogi, IIM Calcutta

An MBA student gives tips for would-be business school students and urges applicants to believe in themselves  Read more >>

Kelvin Chiu

With students leaving Hong Kong for exchange terms overseas one MBA blogger realises that the time to resume his job hunt is almost upon him. Read more >>

Ernest Kwame Gyimah, European School of Management and Technology

At last the great occasion is over and London has confidently told the world in the words of Sebastian Coe that when its time came it did it right. This is the motivation I took from the spirit of the Olympic Games 2012 – making our lives count. Read more >>

Liliana Diaconu, Brandeis International Business School

A new blogger describes what it was that attracted her to her business school and MBA programme  Read more >>

Anthemos Georgiades, Harvard Business School

With his MBA days behind him, one graduate urges his peers to go ahead, accept the challenge and take a risk  Read more >>

Mihai Danila, Insead

With his summer internship drawing to a close, one blogger urges MBA students to make the most of every second of their intern experience and suggests that you get out of it what you put in.  Read more >>

Agustina Sacerdote

For one MBA blogger getting the most out of your internship experience depends very much on what you put into it Read more >>

Aman Modi, IMD Class of 2012

I have not written in a long, long time, so let me get my apologies out of the way.  The last week of June was taken up by my participation in IMD’s “Orchestrating Winning Performance” programme and then it was an intense three-week break followed by an even more intense re-introduction to IMD life in South Africa and then the readjustment to Lausanne. Read more >>

Ibad Hyder, National University of Singapore

What is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting an MBA programme? One student gives his opinion Read more >>

Karenina Loayza, MBA Cass Business School

The London 2012 Olympic Games delighted MBA students at Cass business school. Read more >>

Andi Caruso, SDA Bocconi

An internship gives students the chance to try out potential careers, often ones that before business school they would never have considered Read more >>

Noel Hanssens, University of Hong Kong

Beginning an MBA is always nerve wracking-, but throw in a typhoon and circus skills and you have an unusual start to the programme Read more >>

Hajime Sudo, Bradford-Perugia joint MBA programme

Lessons learned on the MBA programme are being put to good use in an internship  Read more >>

Kelvin Chiu

It is quite unbelievable how quickly a year has gone by.  As the new class of MBAs are welcomed on to campus, it is just about time for me to leave on exchange for my last MBA term.   Read more >>

Ernest Kwame Gyimah, European School of Management and Technology

My colleagues and I returned from our summer break at the beginning of August to continue the last five months of our MBA programme in Berlin with renewed energy. Read more >>

Derek Laan, Sungkyunkwan - Kelley School of Business

I was planning on spending the last few weeks before my MBA programme starts wrapping things up at my school and moving my things up to my dorm room in Seoul. Little did I know my school had some other plans for me. Read more >>

Lee Mrnjavac, Iese Business School

Probably one of the most appealing elements of Iese, which draws people from all over the world, and I think, sets it apart from the rest, is what is stated in its mission: ‘… committed to the development of leaders who aspire to have a positive, deep and lasting impact on people, firms and society through their professionalism, integrity and spirit of service’. Read more >>

Wing Lee, Ceibs

Two weeks of orientation has come to an end and there is finally time for some long overdue reflections. Read more >>