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An internship gives you the opportunity to “see” a company from the inside and helps you to decide whether the company and indeed the sector is really for you Read more

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An international field trip gives MBA students first-hand experience of how businesses are being managed Read more

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Although many of the class of 2013 are a long way from friends and family, they are already beginning to feel at home in their business school and with their cohort Read more

Studying for an MBA at a business school with twin campuses gives students the opportunity to experience the culture of another part of the world and is a reason that many students opt for a particular business school  Read more

Before an MBA programme officially begins there is considerable preparation, from pre-reading to sorting out bank accounts.  Read more

Before the MBA programme begins an international trip gives students the opportunity to get to know each other. One new blogger finds it a daunting but exciting experience  Read more

Once an MBA programme begins, students find their days taken up with coursework, meetings, seminars, industry talks and various student activities. Time seems to fly by Read more

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An internship gives students the opportunity to sample different sectors.One blogger’s summer internship has shown her the career she wants to follow Read more

A conversation over dinner can prove to be illuminating and give fresh insights into sectors and markets. Read more

Applying lessons from the classroom to real-life situations can help MBA students understand “the nuts and bolts” of a company’s strategy  Read more

A semester spent at another business school gives students fresh insights and different perspectives  Read more

Working on assignments together means that much of the stress is alleviated Read more

Leaving behind family and friends and a full time job and flying 5,000 miles to study at a UK business school is not a decision to be taken lightly. But one MBA blogger is confident that she has made the right decision Read more

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