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As the MBA journey draws to a close for one MBA blogger, there is sadness but also tremendous optimism about what lies ahead. Read more

In his final blog one HBS graduate reflects on his time at school and asks if an MBA can fully equip you for all you need to know in the world of business Read more

During my last three months at NUS I’ve had discussions with many of my classmates about their reasons for embarking on an MBA. After all, at times it makes no sense as to why someone would leave their job, forgo their managerial privileges and authority, cut dry a source of income and decide to live on a student budget. Read more

As an Australian studying an MBA in Hong Kong, the economic rise of Asia has been apparent every day of my 14-month long course. Read more

Recently, I was speaking with a prospective student who asked me how I split my time between academics, extracurricular activities, and my social life. After thinking about the question for a few seconds, I told him that he was missing one, recruiting. I gave him a breakdown of how I spent my last week before explaining to him what recruiting looked like at Fuqua. Read more

One of the most appealing and interesting components in our course curriculum here at IIM Calcutta is the ‘Being a CEO’ leadership talk series. The objective of this series is to facilitate interaction of the students with top executives who have managed large organisations and have a zillion experiences to share on leadership, people management, policies and regulations, and numerous other real issues they deal with day in and day out. Read more

I was in London this weekend for a few hours with friend and fellow MBA student Lucy. We were in a café in King’s Road enjoying English tea and cake and I realised that after we had placed our orders my mind had subconsciously turned to considering what the ‘maximum efficient capacity’ of the café would be. Read more

Last week was the first set of final tests of my MBA. It seems a little bit early for final tests right? Read more

I believe engaging in a consulting project offers enormous practical experience and exposure which is at least comparable to having an internship. Read more

I recently took part in my first local event – Lichtfest – the festival of lights in Leipzig which commemorates the events of the autumn of 1989 which led to the fall of the Iron Curtain across Europe. Read more

Some things can be measured such as salary boost thanks to an MBA or business revenue, but other things, such as job satisfaction or value creation are far harder to quantify. Nonetheless they too have a significant impact Read more

Panic over, a prolonged heat wave has quickly averted the threat of rain here in Berkeley. It has in fact been so hot that the MBA programme office has been providing free bottled water and sending out email warnings! Read more

One EMBA blogger believes that there is more to his programme than a return on investment Read more

Experiencing US culture has proved to be an eye-opener for one MBA blogger. Used to the culture of her own country she welcomes the transparency and abundance of information available Read more

Despite the heavy workload one MBA blogger has found the time to explore the nearby countryside including a visit to the University of Cambridge  Read more

With the end of the MBA programme in sight many students have embarked on interviews for consulting positions.  Read more

It is the fag end of my MBA, two more months and we will be done. I will be a free soul again. Read more

Advice straight from the heart – one blogger believes that passion and self belief are all it takes to help you achieve your dreams Read more

Studying for an MBA provides students with a wealth of opportunities such as sitting in on advisory board meetings Read more

When many people think of a mid-autumn festival, they immediately picture the moon or a mooncake. While most Chinese believe that the moon is at its most beautiful at this time of year, they will be unable to explain why the mooncake is of significance. Read more

Travel broadens the mind and allows MBA students to experience different cultures and understand a little of what it takes to do business in another country Read more

Guest speakers from a variety of sectors provide intimate insight and different perspectives which MBA students would be hard pressed to discover in the “outside world”.  Read more

As the MBA programme gets underway the benefits of team work come to the fore with reading lists split between the team members so that the maximum amount of ground is covered Read more

Without realising it, second year MBA students discover that they have built up a network of contacts across countries and sectors and when necessary can tap into this network to the benefit of the students on campus Read more

Last week was a busy one again! We had our first test of the programme in accounting and also we were busy trying to finish group projects before our week-long vacation for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). Read more