Arun Chaubey, Indian School of Business My ISB journey – from Halifax to Mohali

One fine day, during Oct 2010, an opportunity arose when I was asked to work from our Halifax office, Nova Scotia, Canada for a year. I had been to Halifax before and had enjoyed it.

People care for each other and most importantly are willing to accept your fact-based ideas. Walking on the harbour front and roaming with friends was amazing. Without giving it a second thought, I accepted and in late March 2011, I moved to Halifax.

It was the last spell of winter when I arrived and weather was really cold. After office hours, I used to have plenty of free time. Watching movies, working from home and reading general articles were not enough to keep me occupied. One of our colleagues from India, a graduate from Schulich School of Business, invited me for tea. Somehow our discussion moved towards the MBA and for the first time I thought seriously about pursuing an MBA.

I wrote one sample GMAT test and my scores were average. I prepared for approximately four months and took my GMAT exam in Halifax Sep 2011. It was a decent score and it would allow me to apply to almost any of the leading business schools in the world. The Indian School of Business was top of my list. Getting into ISB would not have been possible without strong recommendations from my supervisors. With three essays, two recommendations and a round of interviews after shortlisting, I was finally able to make it to my dream business school. At the end of March 2012, I resigned from my duties to start my MBA.

The life waiting for me was a 51-week roller coaster ride. At registration in April we were welcomed by the alumni and staff of the school. The 770 of us were excited to know more about each other. The group building activities, evening parties organised by alumni and multiple sessions on professional and social clubs kept us involved. We were finding it difficult to keep pace with the schedule, but everyone seemed very excited about the next event.

Term 1 started in late April and brought with it a new way of learning – case based learning. Studying the problems, understanding them and applying the right frameworks learned in the classroom. Class participation is always interesting, with the opportunity for knowledge sharing and you get the chance of learning about different perspectives from your classmates from diverse backgrounds. A group mate remains with you for two terms, and they are integral part of your campus life.

Every year, ISB brings some of the best professors in the world into the classroom to teach. We have been fortunate to attend classes by professors – Bruce Allen, Robert Stine, Mark Finn, Jagmohan Raju and Rupert Merson.

Now, with the end of four core terms last month, our MBA journey is half way through. A much awaited two-week term break has started. During this term break students are involved in internal and external consulting projects, international study treks and preparating for our flagship event “Pinnacle” held at our Mohali campus.

When we return from the break it will be time for us to prepare for competitions, campus interviews and electives. I’m looking forward to it.