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SKK GSB adopt's Psy's Gangnam Style. Getty Images

I’ve just finished my first semester here at SKK GSB. The past few weeks have been super busy with studying for finals and working on projects, so I haven’t had much time for blogging. But all the tests are now over and I’m writing this as I fly to Bangalore, India for my winter break. Before leaving, however, the semester ended on a high note with the annual SKK GSB year end party.
It’s a tradition at SKK GSB to have a year end party organised by the student government of the junior class for the seniors (second year students), faculty and office staff. As a member of the student government, I got to help in planning it and thankfully it was a big success. Read more

Understanding business in China involves understanding guanxii – networking or having connections. Often the reason that international companies do not thrive in China can be due to the fact that they have not had as long to cultivate guanxi Read more

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In my previous posts I have alluded to the fact how quickly time passes during an MBA programme. This might seem to be a repetition, but considering the lightening speed with which November went by, I cannot help but appreciate this aspect of life as an MBA student. Read more