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Given the release of the FT MBA rankings this week I would firstly like to take the opportunity to congratulate the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business for its inclusion once again in the rankings. The rankings are a great tool for benchmarking target schools. Read more

The second term is well underway. Career development is at the front of everyone’s minds and 360 feedback has proved extremely useful Read more

When choosing a business school a period of self reflection is essential. You need to decide what your priorities are Read more

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“So why Thunderbird?” This question comes at me almost daily. I was drawn to Thunderbird for two reasons. The first, I must admit, was the rankings. Read more

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When choosing a business school and an MBA programme, the FT Global MBA rankings are a great way to start Read more

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Moving to another country to study for an MBA is always a slight culture shock. Even if your country of study is similar to your country of birth there will still be surprises along the way.
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