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For many on an MBA programme the international diversity of the cohort is one of the key elements. A two-year programme allows for friendships to develop and in many cases is a network that lasts a lifetime Read more

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Two more weeks until classes start and one night I was at the campus pub. The people were diverse and the conversation was lively. It was broadly social and political. As I continued to listen, I noticed how people use the word they: “They caused the fiscal cliff,” “They just block every proposal,” “They report biased news”, “Women, they act this way,” “Men, they act this way”. Read more

This winter vacation was one that I won’t soon forget. Our school had a three- week winter break so I decided to take advantage of being in Asia by visiting one of my best friends from college who is now living in India. Read more

January is a slow time for business in Australia. We’re in the middle of a heat wave, the Australian Open tennis is on and many are enjoying an extended Christmas/New Year break.

However, with an intensive MBA programme at Melbourne Business School to complete in just 12 months, my cohort and I have already had our first week of classes and activities, forming part of three weeks of orientation, leadership and ethics training. Read more

A new term brings with it the imminent arrival of fatherhood for one blogger. The work/life balance has never been more important. Read more

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The sparkling Christmas decorations have filled us with happiness and excitement. The holiday season is the time for gifts and the time when families come together to celebrate. For many MBA students this time of the year also marks the time of final exams, paper deadlines and endless hours studying. Stress and tensions are undoubtedly high but these are the last obstacles before we reach that brief period of rest and recovery. Read more