Monthly Archives: February 2013

A year-long MBA programme is an intense experience and finding the balance between workload and networking can be tricky Read more

The MBA programme is not only about study, there is also plenty of opportunity at business school to join clubs in your area of interest – a great way to network Read more

An MBA programme can include a dissertation, business project or internship. What do you choose to do? It all depends on your future ambitions  Read more

Although a simulation, handling yourself in a crisis proved to be a valuable and fun lessons for one MBA cohort Read more

Teamwork and class diversity go a long way towards making an MBA programme successful Read more

For one MBA blogger the business school journey is over, graduation is in sight and she looks forward to a new life Read more

The view from the bridge at Dajabon between Haiti and the Dominican Republic will remain tattooed in my mind. Read more

There is so much information out there pointing towards the importance of keeping up appearances. The horse meat debacle is a prime example of this: ‘you are what you eat’, and if you lose this manifestation of yourself, you will soon be found out! Read more

After hearing stories of other business schools yearly ski trips, I decided that I would like to try to start a tradition like that here at SKK GSB. I’m a pretty avid skier and have a season ticket to a resort about 45 minutes outside Seoul where I could bring my class mates to ski. Read more

Knowing I wanted to study for an MBA was the easy part, deciding where to go was the hardest. When both decisions finally came together it was a relief! Read more

During the last fortnight the Cranfield School of Management MBAs hosted London Business School (LBS) at Cranfield for a day full of sporting competition and networking, on and off the field, followed by a Robbie Burns dinner. Read more

As a part-time MBA student, I had evening classes for two years (which I have successfully completed) and this year to work on a thesis before graduation. The two major things they taught us on day one of MBA was to never become complacent and accept that you will never know everything. Whilst the latter is easy to digest, I find myself struggling with the former and fear that that is exactly what has happened without the stimulation of classes. Read more

Studying for an MBA in China gives students the opportunity to learn about the business environment and culture first hand. Read more

An MBA programme consists of a great many numbers and for students it becomes second nature to quantify or place a value on things  Read more