Monthly Archives: March 2013

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A visit to a slum dwelling in Rio de Janeiro has opened the eyes of one MBA blogger and shown her how to make the best use of her MBA  Read more

When studying for an MBA and working at the same time it is important to understand your learning environment and use the resources around you to help your MBA  Read more

For any MBA an essential part of going to business school is the support received from career services. Being shown the correct way to write a CV or how best to present yourself at an interview can make the difference between getting a job offer or not Read more

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The opportunity to travel, whether on exchange programmes or career treks is one of the advantages of an MBA programme Read more

Becoming a Global AMBAssador and championing its cause- to create a global MBA alumni network- has delighted one blogger. She believes it is vital to leverage the skills, knowledge and contacts that all MBA students possess Read more

Being an MBA student means having a busy life. However students quickly realise that they cannot do everything and if they are going to stay the course they need to prioritise  Read more

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Since the last post, a little more time has lapsed than normal, including 48 hours at more than 30,000 feet as I made a brief return trip home to New Zealand. Read more

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Public speaking is a difficult skill to master, however one group of MBA students have recently spent an entire week mastering the art and now feel much more confident when making a business presentation Read more

The last few weeks have been busy for one blogger who is studying for her MBA online. Her 30-strong cohort hail from 21 countries and the students have been busy meeting each other online ahead of a get together at the end of this Month in Madrid Read more

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