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Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

Co-coaching, under the umbrella of personal and professional development, is for one blogger on the Cranfield MBA an important aspect of the development of leadership skills Read more

Helen Casey, Imperial Business School EMBA

What is it like to work with someone who is studying for an EMBA? One employer details his experiences Read more

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

With the MBA programme almost over for one group of students many are more confused about their careers now than than when they started Read more

Kyle Wu, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Studying for an MBA is a stressful experience. Initially it students find that they can cope, but when academics and the search for an internship combine stress levels can go off the scale  Read more

Lubica Valentova, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Every time we move to a new place, we are full of anticipation. At least I am. It makes me wonder where I will stay, what it will look like, whether neighbours will be nice and many other things. And you might ask the same questions. Read more

James Doherty, Esade Business School

Cultural differences come from many different directions and the more subtle ones can be the hardest to overcome Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

While some students use their break for some well-deserved rest and relaxation others can use the time in overseas consulting. A week working in another country can be an eye-opening and rewarding experience Read more

Derek Laan, Sungkyunkwan - Kelley School of Business

When studying for an MBA it is important to balance the workload. As well as the search for an internship there are other things to consider, such as hobbies Read more

Lynne Hoey, IE Business School Global MBA +

What is leadership? A networking event on Mindful Leadership was an opportunity to gain a real insight into the management expertise of two Fortune 500 executives Read more

Linda Groarke, Open University Business School

Studying for an MBA online is a marathon rather than a sprint. Linda Groarke at the Open University Business School has some timely tips on studying and time management Read more

Mark Partridge, University of Washington

With the end of his two-year MBA programme in sight Mark Patridge is determined to make the very most of all his last moments at business school Read more

Stephen Garden, London Business School

For one blogger one of the most exciiting aspects of the MBA programme is the opportunity to visit companies overseas. He believes that this experience will further enhance his international career options  Read more

Karen Allardice, Melbourne Business School

An industry visit gives MBA students the opportunity to put into practice the lessons they have learned.  Read more

Thomas Pedrick, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

Staying up all night to watch the sunrise sounds like fun, but in fact for one blogger it made for a very tiring series of lectures the following day  Read more

Helen Casey, Imperial Business School EMBA

Juggling the MBA with the rest of her life- both professional and personal – continues to be a challenge for one blogger Read more

Benjamin Bechtolsheim

Is it worth studying for an MBA? One blogger weighs up the advantages and disadvantages and comes up with a formula Read more

James Doherty, Esade Business School

As we stood at the start of the Barcelona Marathon, fellow Esade MBA Lucas Vohl and I stretched and got ready to tackle the 42km ahead. Right before we began, Lucas turned and told me with a straight face ‘I think my cycle time should be about 5 minutes 20 seconds. Read more

Eunice Benedicto, Durham University Business School

An international study tour to Sri Lanka, followed by a trip to India, has left one blogger with lasting memories and some key understandings Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

A hectic time for students with exams, competitions and assignments to complete ahead of a much-needed break Read more

Lynne Hoey, IE Business School Global MBA +

An online programme is ticking every box for one MBA student, however the opportunity for some face-to-face time with classmates that she had only met virtually was a real boost for one blogger Read more