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One blogger is spending his summer internship developing his start-up idea with his team in India. The team is through to the final of the Hult Prize which will be held in September and is keen to conduct field research and in-depth interviews in the slums of Mumbai Read more

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Part of an MBA programmes focuses on doing business in leading economies. Nicole took advantage of an exchange trip to travel to Beijing to see at first hand how business operates in China Read more

At the halfway point of his MBA programme one blogger realises that his programme has changed the way he views the outside world Read more

The phrase “work-life balance” is a familiar one, but blogger Karen Allardice is putting it into practice with unexpected results Read more


While the dragon boat festival has always been celebrated in Hong Kong, it has only recently become a public holiday in mainland China.

 Read more

For one MBA blogger her programme is almost at an end. But the final module on leadership and the charity consulting project was an enjoyable finale Read more

Deciding whether or not to study for an MBA is not only about the return on investment. It is also about the experience itself. Will you enjoy it? Are you prepared to sacrifice other areas of your life? Benjamin Bechtolsheim weighs up the pros and cons Read more

According to one MBA blogger there are many ways of learning – ways that keep learning exciting and help you to retain far more Read more

Ravi, one of my acquaintances, used to contact me frequently when I was in Hyderabad. He is one of the countless engineering graduates that colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) churn out every year. Read more

In his final blog, Mark Partridge looks back on his business school career and gives some advice on when it might be a good time to study for an MBA  Read more

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Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ campaign is proving particularly popular among women – and men – in New York  Read more

Lessons in entrepreneurship have proved fascinating for one MBA blogger as the class has been given tips in how to draw up a business plan Read more

New blogger Madhavi, on a dual degree programme at Michigan, finds that life is a whirlwind, full of unexpected challenges and heart-thumping failures and successes Read more

For one blogger dinner with several executives from the EMBA programme gave him considerable food for thought and put his aims in an entirely different perspective  Read more

Graduation is almost upon her, and one blogger is going to continue her dream of founding a social enterprise Read more

The MBA programme gives students the opportunity to understand many aspects of leadership, including the dreaded press conference. Read more

New blogger Galina, a sports enthusiast, has taken up rowing with several members of her MBA class. Although her schedule now resembles something from an army boot camp she is delighted she chose to take part in a competitive sport Read more

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