Stephen Garden, London Business School Crunch time

I’ve never been as busy at any point during my MBA as I have been for the last month. With three major coursework assignments due and a French exam I’m within touching distance of finishing my MBA. It really is crunch time.

Both my classes in this coming week will involve presenting the past 10 weeks’ progress. The first is a business plan for a new venture which we will pitch to some potential investors for their feedback. The second is a piece of advisory work that I and a team have undertaken to support a small fast food chain in London look at expansion options. Both projects really challenged my thinking and ability to put myself in the position of an entrepreneur.

At the beginning of June I also started working for a specialist cloud computing services company based in London. This is my first experience inside a sub-100 employee company and one which has pioneering cloud computing technologies at the forefront of its business offering. From my personal perspective the business-to-business technology space is an exciting area to be working in right now.

The past decade has seen huge advances in everyday technology and a lot of companies can benefit from modernising the way they work. Google Enterprise and Amazon Web Services are making a big push into this marketplace and it will be fascinating to see how it plays out over the coming years.

Coming to the end of my MBA has put me somewhat into a reflective mindset. Getting an MBA has been a goal of mine since 2007 when I obtained my first degree and it seems strange to have nearly achieved it. Whilst it’s been a huge amount of fun and a great learning experience it has come at a cost, not just financially. Having said that I’m thrilled to be graduating soon and feel the MBA has changed me both as a person and a businessperson.