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For Anne-Marie, her MBA is a chance to push herself and to develop as a person and a manager Read more

Just how valuable is a week devoted to discovering what you want to do as a career? Alexandra was at first sceptical but she discovered that it prompted considerable reflection Read more

With only a couple of week’s under his belt at Oxford Ramesh has barely had time to draw breath Read more

How do you go about uniting the creatives – the blue sky people – with the suits – those focused on the bottom line – when taking part in a team project? Christine Cheng believes that communcation and transparency are key. Read more

Anne-Marie Conn Favillier asks if an entrepreneur needs an MBA. While she concludes that the answer is an obvious no, nevertheless a good MBA she says can generate excellent entrepreneurs  Read more

This month I have completed an interesting MBA subject in the field of innovation leadership. A week-long intensive covered traditional Innovation topics such as itellectual property, research and development as well as less obvious strands of innovation including process innovation. Read more

Could an Executive MBA help you in your career? If so, how much would it cost? And how do you choose the right programme? These and other questions are now being answered by the Financial Times’ panel of experts.

On the panel are:

Nick Binedell, dean of the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science,
Mahendra Gupta, dean at Olin Business School at Washington University,
Steef Van de Velde, dean at Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management,
Bernard Yeung, dean at the National University of Singapore Business School,
Della Bradshaw, editor of Financial Times Business Education


Earlier this month, the judges of our Global Fund for Children MBA Challenge met at the Financial Times. The challenge invited teams of students to develop recommendations for community-based organisations working with vulnerable children, that helped them focus on their long-term business sustainability plans.

 Read more

Three weeks into his MBA programme and Abhinav is thoroughly enjoying himself. Although the workload is heavy, there is still time to attend a formal ball Read more

What does it mean to study for an MBA? New blogger Anne-Marie says studying for an MBA is about ‘trying’ – trying to grow, to shape a better future and trying to look at things in a different way Read more

Changing jobs during the course of the MBA is a daunting task, especially when it involves considerable travel. Lynne Hoey advises on the steps to consider before making the leap Read more

With her MBA programme now in full swing Ildeniz is finding her life is very busy. As well as her internship and language lessons she also has to focus on quantitative classes – not her favourite subject  Read more

Yes that’s right I said exams. It’s hard to believe that I’ve only just begun school and I already have something to say about staying motivated through exams, but Rotman’s full time MBA curriculum starts with a Foundations Term that lasts only four short weeks. Read more

The life lessons from the EMBA journey are rewarding, but Ekta Malhotra finds that they can be painful to learn Read more

Before the MBA programme properly begins, there is the pre-MBA which for Marco Biava was a three-week module which included team building and activities designed to enhance soft skills Read more

Brigitte’s essay on the FunDza Literacy Trust was a winner. Her prize was an all-expenses paid trip to the 5th annual PRME summit held in Bled, Slovenia Read more

A one-year MBA is an intensive programme and Veena has discovered that if you want to keep up with your smart classmates you need to study each and every day Read more

The first week of his MBA programme at HEC was a whirlwind for John Hayden with mathematics camps, language assessments and business concept classes Read more

Kishore Adiraju is now two months into his exchange programme at MIT. He has made many new friends and his anxiety when he had to return to India quickly to receive his US visa, is all but forgotten Read more

Meeting your MBA peers outside the classroom setting is a great way of bonding and a camping trip to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky was an excellent outing for Derek  Read more

There is much more to an MBA than simply the cash return says Andrew Radin. Experiences that rarely come your way, such as listening to a talk by the former US chief economist, are common when you go to business school Read more

All undergraduate students aim for a life after graduation which allows them to lead the career they have been dreaming of for years. That dream mostly consists of life in which plans for a healthy private and a busy professional life are taken care of and run alongside each other. Read more

The start of an MBA programme is always an exciting time. Although the programme at Judge has only been runing a week Abhinav already feels settled and ready to tackle the vast amount of work.  Read more