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In usual environments and cases, people gather together to celebrate the new year with their family and peers. Well, if you are an MBA candidate, maybe you should reconsider – you could end up being home alone with your books, notes and computer. Read more

Hammad Hussain has finished his MBA programme at IMD. He feels that he has learnt much, however as he resumes his career his eyes are now wide open to new opportunities Read more

The speed of time is incredible. The Michaelmas term is over, meaning I have completed eight courses, one venture project and attended multiple leadership lectures. This list, of course, is the bare minimum. To celebrate this milestone, many of my classmates have already dotted their presence across continental Europe and beyond. Read more

Throughout the year MBA students from schools around the world have been blogging about their business school experiences. From travelling to far-flung places, to studying into the small hours, to preparing for nerve-racking job interviews, the students have described the ups and downs of their lives on an MBA programme. Read more

A class that examined using your network to encourage investors to come on board stimulated considerable debate and gave Jennifer Soffen food for thought. Is it wise to “save” your network for the perfect opportunity or should you recognise that there will never be a perfect opportunity and as long as you have faith in your idea you should trust your investors to come to their own conclusions Read more

With the holiday season almost upon her Christine Cheng has put her MBA studies to one side and enjoyed some rest and relaxation in Paris Read more

For MBA blogger Ildeniz Armutak the finals are almost upon her. As she tries to juggle all the balls in her business and personal life as well as study she finds that life is stressful  Read more

All MBA programmes are intensive, but some more so than others….. Read more

It is the second year of my MBA. Next week is finals week. Then after winter break, I begin my final semester. Before I graduate, I must complete a Global Experience.

 Read more

Although they started their MBA programmes just a few months ago, many students are already faced with the daunting task of deciding what type of company they want to work for during their 2014 internship Read more

A team from Rotman are this year’s winners of the AT Kearney case competition. Blogger Alexandra – one of the victorious team members – says the experience was one of the most intense and rewarding of her MBA so far Read more

A group of 15 IMD students, including FT MBA blogger Hammad Hussain, have just returned from a trip to Brazil. The students saw the preparations for the upcoming Olympics which Brazil is hosting and learnt at first hand the economic problems facing the country Read more

Are you considering studying at a European business school? Why are business schools in the UK, France and Germany distinctive? These and other questions are now being answered by the Financial Times’ panel of experts:

- Jean-Michel Blanquer, dean of Essec Business School in France
- Jörg Rocholl, dean of the European School of Management and Technology in Germany
- Francisco Veloso, dean of Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics in Portugal
- Abhinav Charan, MBA student at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School in the UK
- Della Bradshaw, FT Business Education Editor

Moderated by Charlotte Clarke


As the holidays approach, one MBA student takes stock of the academic year so far Read more

If there’s one bit of advice I can give with absolute certainty, it is to prepare yourself for the vast amount of reading you will undoubtedly undertake as an MBA student! Read more

With recruiting picking up and exams around the corner, I’m more grateful now than ever for GND – grade non-disclosure. Read more