Business schools often try to entice potential students by promoting the collaborative nature of their programmes. This year, I witnessed what I believe are some of the best examples of collaboration and teamwork amongst my peers at the Saïd Business School.

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During the summer MBA students were scattered all over the world. However they managed to keep in contact via Facebook which also helped in the initiation of a slightly strange summer pastime  Read more

With her year-long MBA journey nearing completion Alanna looks back on some of the many highlights of her time at Oxford  Read more

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Even though you have been accepted onto an MBA programme, don’t anticipate that it will all be plain sailing, there are bound to be setbacks ahead.  Read more

For the first time Oxford and Cambridge students collaborate to put on a Ted conference – where speakers discuss technology, entertainment and design.  Read more

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day at Oxford’s Said Business School Read more

The MBA tournament is an opportunity for students from across Europe to get to know each other via various sporting events Read more

The end of term break provides a much-needed rest for students and the opportunity to visit far-flung places Read more

Neither a public holiday or a royal wedding stopped the private equity class at Said Business School Read more

The opportunity to work on an entrepreneurial project can provide new areas of learning for students Read more

The Skoll World Forum on social entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals to gather together to discuss pressing social issues.  Read more

Back in 1829, Cambridge student, Charles Merivale, challenged his Oxford friend, Charles Wordsworth, to a rowing race. Ever since then, Oxford and Cambridge have been competing in cut-throat rowing races along the River Thames. Read more

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Juggling a skiing trip with a heavy workload in the second term has proved stressful  Read more

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The network effect came into play, when with three commemoration balls to choose from, MBA students ultimately chose the St John’s ball  Read more

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It is a huge relief to be done with my first set of MBA exams. The bounce in my step has finally returned. But even though exams are over, the course content I studied remains front and centre in my mind. Read more

The group work assignments are now over and first-term exams are right around the corner. All the MBA students are revving up to write five massive exams over four days.

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November 2010 has come to a close, which means Movember is over as well.

As mentioned in a previous blog, dozens of my male classmates grew moustaches for Movember to raise money and awareness for cancers that affect men. The Oxford MBA men raised roughly £3,000 for the cause.

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All the MBA students at SBS are in the middle of the most stressful period of first term. We are working on group assignments, prepping for exams, attending recruitment events and making our course selections for next term. One student confided in me that this has been the most stressful period of his entire life.

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