The first post I ever did here on the Financial Times MBA blog was titled “The Start of Something New”, and I thought it would be appropriate to title my final blog the same. Why? Read more

This past week, I was selected by the faculty to give a speech during our graduation award ceremony.

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Finals have come and gone. I must apologise, yet again actually, for my lack of posting. I promise it wasn’t on purpose or due to a lack of topics. Read more

The last blog I submitted was MBAs and relocation and today’s topic revisits it a bit: MBAs and the infamous job search. Read more

I officially am three-quarters of an MBA. I finished the third of four terms last week and now have one week to prepare for what will be my final term at the University of Miami’s one-year MBA programme. I’m really filled with mixed feelings as I am truly excited to finish and begin a career doing something I enjoy. But I am also sad that many of my classmates and I will be parting ways for good once class ends. Read more

Today’s entry is a speech that I had to prepare for a class. We were asked to identify an area of business that interest us and talk about it. I chose online marketing and why every company should adopt an online marketing strategy that includes a website, SEO/SEM and Social Media. Read more

Draining is the first word that comes to my mind right now. This third mini term has truly been tiring. Unlike past semesters at the University of Miami, this one has a few unique aspects to it. Read more

The last few weeks have really been interesting over here in Miami. Let’s go back two weeks from today…..  Read more

This has always been one of my favorite quotes, because no matter who you are, you can’t always get what you want.

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How do you or would you handle a disagreement with your boss? Read more

I must apologise for my lack of blogs as of late. Read more

How many times have we heard the phrase “I want to be my own boss”? Read more

Attachment issues are usually related to couples, pets and families. These issues also appear in the business world, however. What do I mean exactly? Let’s explore that question with a few examples and some of my experiences.

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The exams are finished and so is my first official semester at the University of Miami. Read more

The finals are here. The clock is ticking. Read more

It’s crunch time once again here in Miami. Read more

Here we go again. Today is officially the first day of my new internship. Read more

After just two full weeks of class I am happy to report that mid terms are about to begin. [Insert awkward silence here]. Read more

Today’s topic is a controversial one. So buckle up, sit straight, take a deep breath, close your eyes for three seconds… ok, open them and begin reading: Read more

Today, my spring break officially finishes. I attempted to simply relax and recharge the batteries. I never even planned on going anywhere. Read more

The first term (of four) at the University of Miami’s MBA programme is officially done. Read more

There’s a particular subject about which I have learned a great deal and it’s not even part of my schedule.

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Today I realised something quite interesting about time. I have two weeks left of class, followed by finals and that will be the end of my first semester as a graduate student. Time has flown… Read more

First, I must apologise for not providing part 2 of the “Studying in Paradise” blog last week as promised. These last two weeks have been really busy. But fear not, for I have not forgotten about part 2, which is below. Read more

No offence to other cities around the world, but Miami is a special place. I am sure London is great, as are Chicago and New York. Miami, on the other hand, is paradise. Read more