According to the Mayan calendar, our time will “run out” on December 21 2012 – so we had better get to work – as there is certainly plenty to do. We are now well into 2012 and the second term of my One Planet MBA in Exeter; assignments are coming thick and fast. Read more

The last few weeks have seen the intensity grow as we run up to the holiday period – with the majority of our first term module assignments now due before the end of the year. Read more

I am writing this post on ‘Steve Jobs Day’, a commemoration in California of the loss of a true business leader and innovator.

The outpouring of such respect and emotion, demonstrated by the tributes left outside the Apple Store in New York City to a corporate chief executive is quite striking; notably because it is not something we are used to seeing in the business world. Read more

The first full-time One Planet MBA is a joint project between Exeter Business School and the World Wildlife Fund. Blogger Al Kennedy is excited to be on the inaugural programme.  Read more