With her MBA only a few days away Barbara O’Beirne looks back on the past year of her life at business school and hopes that she has made friends who will last a lifetime  Read more

As the year-long MBA programme draws to a close, despite all the hard work and sacrifices it is the highlights of the experience that stand out  Read more

Hard work has paid off and Barbara has been offered a job with McKinsey Read more

Opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected of circumstances and a fleeting conversation can change someone’s career path Read more

Many MBA programmes include an in-company project where all the theoretical concepts learned in class can be put into practice Read more

What a difference a year and an MBA scholarship makes Read more

I’ve been trying to think of words that would adequately describe our study trip to China and most fall short – fascinating, amazing, mind-bending – these words together start to paint a picture of our week long trip to businesses in Shanghai and Beijing. But above all else it was great fun. Read more

An international study trip gives students the opportunity to experience a different culture  Read more

One-to-one coaching can help MBA students to change both function and sector  Read more

Mixing with students from different cultures is one of the most important aspects of an MBA programme Read more

A full-time programme is a heavy financial commitment, however there are many scholarships available if students take the time to find out Read more

The Smurfit school has seen its FT ranking jump by 20 places Read more

With so many electives to choose from it has been very hard to make a decision. Read more

Do not underestimate the GMAT, it is tricky and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to study Read more

After a manic December, we now have a full month off, with no lectures and no assignments…it’s bliss! It took me a long time to settle into the Christmas holidays. Read more

Sustainability is not about knitting your own sandals or hugging trees (although maybe after reading this, you might be compelled to do one or the other); sustainability is a business strategy and it is good for business – plain and simple.

Ask Marks & Spencer, Patagonia or Interface FLOR – every time they make the “right” decisions, they make money. How we use energy and harness resources is becoming a critical issue for everybody. Sustainability is about future-proofing your business, managing resources more efficiently, eliminating waste and connecting with the community and environment where you operate. Read more

Four thousand three hundred and fifty pages were assigned to us as “essential reading” for this seven-week term (yes that is 4,350 pages in seven weeks!).

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Our full-time MBA class is a small, tight-knit group of 45 students. The diversity of nationalities in our class is what makes it really special. Fifty per cent of the class are international, with students coming from the US Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, India and Vietnam. Read more

If there is one thing you definitely will learn on an MBA, it is how to present in front of judging eyes. Everyday in term one, one or more of the groups gave the class a presentation on diverse subjects ranging from “The Triple A Supply Chain” to “ Reforming Corporate Governance Post-Enron” to “Mobile Technology in the Developing World”, and – courtesy of our aeronautical engineer – one or two references to Airbus!

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In the early days you want to make the right impression: neat shirt, neat hair, clean shaven (where applicable), nice make-up (where applicable), big smile. They say that your MBA class are important future business contacts so we were all on our best behaviour for the first few weeks. Read more

It’s a sad reflection on the state of your economy when accountants and economists are household names. As the front pages of the FT over the past few weeks have shown, Ireland’s economy is not in great shape right now, and every man and his dog has an opinion on debt management agencies and senior bond holder debt.

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“Don’t be afraid to look silly”… and so began our third day of the full time UCD Smurfit School MBA. Week one is a foundation week and focuses on team building, getting to know each other and also getting to know ourselves and how we function in teams. Read more