Part of the process of studying for an MBA is reflecting on future aspirations and goals and taking steps now to achieve future aims Read more

Reading business case studies can be interesting but I’ve found some to be lacking because they are often too short, linear and do not have the subjective information that would make for a thrilling detective novel. Read more

The importance of networking and the value it can add to your career prospects has been brought home to Barry Chien Read more

One of the advantages of attending Cheung Kong is the school’s flexibilty in letting students take the initiative in hosting events that are directly relevant to their own interests, which in my case is entrepreneurship. Read more

Last week, our school hosted a panel on the mobile internet and my takeaway from this session was that the Android- Google’s mobile operating system – is here to stay. Read more

School has been out for three weeks now due to the Chinese New Year holiday and I’ve had plenty of time to study Chinese, meet friends and enjoy the holiday festivities. Read more

Sometimes it’s a good idea to catch a breath of fresh air outside the classroom setting by moving into the real world. Our organisational behaviour class required us to interview someone who is in a position of interest to us. Read more

For certain individuals, it makes more sense to begin a career as an entrepreneur first rather than a venture capitalist and that’s exactly what Kevin O’Connor did. Read more

In statistics class, we’re told to not ask why in the classroom because there are complex formulas behind some of the statistical principles. Read more