Well, the end of the road is in sight. It has been for a while, but it is pretty real now. I have exactly two more lectures and two more assignments due before I am done with my MBA. Read more

Finally. Result! I have been extended an offer. Verbally and in writing. There was, of course, the usual incongruity between expectations and reality. My expectations were pretty much that I would get the same pay/leave/benefits as I had before. The reality is that I won’t. Read more

Sunday night blues don’t hit when every day is a weekend. That was my finding this week.

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I mentioned it once before, but one of the many reading items that keeps me highly amused are the job boards and job descriptions. Never in my life have I seen requests for such imaginary and probably non-existent people to fill roles as I have seen here in Asia. Read more

Leaving parties are the only type of parties I get to attend these days.

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Yes, it is done. It was not a great exam and I am sure I did not do particularly well, but, I can OFFICIALLY say that I have no more exams for my MBA. Read more

You know it’s summer in Hong Kong when you’ve had two typhoon warnings in one week. Read more

This is not only the title of one of my favourite marketing courses but, also what I have come to accept, is a large part of what the MBA is about. Read more

Heaven help me! I am getting ready for the epic opening match of the World Cup, so allow me my moment of nationalism as I am bursting with pride. Read more

The Greening of Business is a subject that would not have been the headline act in a business school a few years ago. Read more

As we approach the last week of class, the most frequently heard question is; ‘What are you doing for the summer?’ Read more

Wow, what a week. What a weekend. Read more

Our Monday night class is a really fascinating valuing company’s class with a constant stream of interesting and diverse speakers. Read more

Less than five weeks to go! That is what everyone keeps saying. Read more

When a volcano erupts…. Read more

Last week, well, it may have been the week before – who knows (now that I am on ‘holiday’, I can afford to be casual about time) I went to help a consulting group with their interview training. Read more

This last weekend was the Hong Kong rugby 7′s tournament. It is a long standing Hong Kong tradition and we managed to get tickets to witness the madness. The two days of rugby watching, beer drinking and ignoring school work were definitely worth it. We have already planned our dress up outfits for next year as well as where to sit (back of the stand) and what to avoid (getting beer thrown on one).  Read more

We face a gruelling two weeks as the first part of our spring semester comes to a close. Read more

Wow. What a week. I landed back in cold, grey Hong Kong this morning. It is a far cry from the sunny beach-side walk in San Diego on Saturday after the San Diego State Sports case competition. Read more

Well, I have arrived in San Diego and spent the day seeing the sights. It is a lovely city with lots of surprises – a gorgeous waterfront, lovely park and wonderful historic quarter. Read more

I must apologise for my week’s absence from the blogging. I wish I could say it was because I was on holiday or something equally as tempting. Unfortunately, it was because I was trying to swim in a sea of new subjects and electives. Read more

Well, they’re out. Those rankings that everyone sits waiting for with baited breath. We had a sweepstakes going for the 2010 FT ranking and it was won by the only optimist among us! Read more

How is the elusive job hunt coming along, I hear you ask? Well, thus far I have received a resounding silence from my application last week! Read more

It’s begun. The hunt is on. The elusive job and internship will escape my clutches no longer. Read more

Well, here we are. A new year, a fresh start, a few new resolutions and two assignments due by the end of the week. We also have a mountain of reading to do and it’s only the first week! So much for that wonderful break… Read more