With her MBA under her belt, Chloe Weisberg looks back on her two-year programme at Stern. Her conclusion? a memorable experience, not to be missed. Read more

The Summer Start course at Stern is a short programme before the MBA that allows students to get an early start on the MBA. It also gives students the opportunity to get to know each other and the school in a relaxed setting Read more

Spring break gives MBA students the opportunity to discover different cultures as well as network with students from other business schools Read more

Love is in the air, and it’s not even spring yet. My friends and former colleagues had advised me that the MBA programme is where people find new career paths, new networks of friends and business contacts and (for many) new love. While the first two ‘new finds’ were quite obvious to me, love has definitely prevailed amongst my classmates. Read more

Working “behind the scenes” in the career development office provides some useful insights into what second year MBA students have uppermost in their minds  Read more

MBA students have travelled to far-flung destinations of the globe and many have taken advantage of school- led programmes which have allowed them to complement their travels with in-company visits and lectures Read more

Once a year, the European Business Society at NYU Stern organises the student-led ‘London Trek’, a recruiting event that many US business schools individually organise during the week of Thanksgiving for first-year MBA students interested in working abroad. Read more

I recently participated in the annual French MBA Conference, which was co-hosted by NYU-Stern and Columbia Business School. Read more

During my first semester last year, I quickly found out that an MBA is more than just classes, homework, recruiting (and socialising!); it is also about taking on leadership roles in student-led clubs and actively contributing to the MBA community.

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Since our return to school as second-year MBA students, my classmates and I have a new identity: we are the big kids on campus. As most of the first-year MBAs find their way through the chaos and confusion of the first weeks, many have started contacting some of us for guidance – and, believe it or not, you will learn more than you can imagine after your first year and your summer internship.

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It’s hard to believe that I am already halfway through the MBA. After a summer filled with adventures around the world, both academically and professionally – as well as personally (with trips to China and Mexico organised by fellow classmates), it’s great to be back in New York City and reconnecting with friends.

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