While our classes and exams are over, we still have to complete our summer field projects before we can graduate. The field project is like an internship and a thesis. It allows us to gain relevant work experience while requiring us to apply our MBA knowledge to study a topic in depth. Read more

We’ve made it through all our classes at Essec and finished our luxury tour du monde. After a year of going behind closed doors to learn from the most powerful and respected luxury maisons, here are some of my favourite memories and the key learnings they represent. Read more

Each year, the MBA Luxe class takes an international field trip to explore an overseas market. This year, we visited Hong Kong and Dubai, hubs to two of the most important and growing luxury markets: Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Read more

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One of the reasons why I chose the Essec MBA in Luxury Brand Management was for the unparalleled exposure its students have to industry executives. Read more

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Luxury brand management is more an art than a science argues blogger Christine Cheng. It is just as valuable to understand what happens in a fashion workshop as it is to be able to read a balance sheet Read more

Christine is enjoying her time in Paris as the Essec luxury MBA programme. The hour-long commute gives her time to read and to relax at the end of the day  Read more