Business school competitions give students an opportunity to flex their intellectual muscles, but are nervewracking nonetheless  Read more

Halfway through the second term and work pressure is mounting as we finish one project and embark almost immediately on another Read more

Last week we put our normal timetable on the backburner and had a series of China-focused lectures. There was a range of topics on offer, from technical stuff like China GAAP and the valuation of Chinese stocks to more fiery stuff like “Will China catch the US?” and “Can China save the world?”. Read more

Chinese New Year gives students the opportunity to travel beyond Shanghai and experience life outside the big cities. Read more

In a masterclass of presentation skills one of Ceibs MBAs delivers a three-hour talk on climate change  Read more

Exchange visits give students the opportunity to study in a different country and gain useful insights into what it is like to swap cities Read more

January brings with it a new term and a new team. Ceibs places a big emphasis on team tasks – you get given a team each term and most of the class assignments are done and submitted as a team. Read more