It is important to dedicate yourself to what you have a true passion for, otherwise you will not be good enough Read more

The MBA programme has finished and Federico has made a difficult decision about where to work next Read more

Some classes make a lasting impression on students like this one on security analysis at Columbia Business School  Read more

With the end in sight, Federico has to make a choice between two job offers Read more

Long way back to school. The final semester and weighting possibilities. I have to admit that 2010 was a great year in every sense but also a year of trying to get out, explore and see what would be the best thing I could do after the MBA. Read more

What will happen once the programme finishes in May? A period of reflection lies ahead. Read more

After a few days in Buenos Aires and in Chascomus (my birthplace in Argentina) I went to Punta for a week but, 24/7 I am thinking about what will happen after January 16th. Read more

Flights are booked to London and Los Angeles, during the last days of January to see some funds. Read more

Only one week to go before a month in Argentina and Uruguay. Punta del este for 20 days. I will be broke, but the second bankruptcy should not be as hard as the first one. Hope so. Read more

Less and less time as a student and still the future seems uncertain. But I remain positive. I didn’t get in to the distressed value investing course, but I did get in to security analysis with Michael Mauboussin (Legg Mason) so I am happy enough. Read more

It’s been a while since I have written for the blog. I am truly sorry but the last month has been crazy in terms of recruiting and in terms of thinking about my future career (will it be in the US or Argentina or somewhere else?). Read more

Last week was my first class with Bruce Greenwald. It is not often that I have had the chance to listen to someone with so smart, clear, simple and wise concepts on investing. For those who don’t know who he is, Bruce Greenwald is THE Wall Street guru and probably one of the brightest minds in the US. Simply, super sharp. Professor Greenwald is an expert on value investing - the most famous man in that club being Warren Buffet. Read more

It’s been a while since I have written on the blog. What happened? Well basically Recruiting Happened. Interviews. Read more

Classes are pretty great so far; much better than the first year; the reason is the core is over and you can choose whatever you are taking. Read more

It’s been almost a month since I was last in New York and I had almost forgotten how good it was. California is great as well – great in a different, more relaxed (or at least less intense) way, of course. We were pretty lucky to find a friend with a driver (who brought me home almost for free) when we landed at JFK after our Los Angeles flight. Read more

After an intense two week period of going out and meeting people (friends and a little bit of networking) in Buenos Aires, I took a plane 11 hours ago and got to Dallas. Read more

Its been weeks since I last wrote but, to some degree, I have valid excuses: exams (debt markets, financial planning, social networks and global econ II) some recruiting – this takes much much more time than you would think – and recruitment training by the school. Oh and, by the way, I came back to Buenos Aires (after 7 months). Read more

Sorry I have not been writing much lately. Read more

I will use my holidays in August to enjoy myself, meet friends in Europe and network. Read more

Ricardo has created the family business club of Columbia Business School. Read more

Recruiting events are starting. Read more

Argentina 4; South Korea 1. Read more

The World Cup is here; I am actually pretty amazed. Read more

Ok we are doing our finals, again. Read more

After a weekend in Las Vegas I have just arrived in Palo Alto. It seems an amazing place. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs of the last 30 years live in this Californian town or its surroundings. The place reminds me of our last venturing class with Professor Murray. During that class, we were visited by another venture capitalist and entrepreneur, a very successful and cool Columbia Business School alumnus.

His company invests in tech-related ventures (online marketing, gaming, etc) but above all in serial entrepreneurs. In essence this means supporting the entrepreneurs far more than the projects themselves, since the success of a project depends a great deal on the entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial skills. Read more