These have been quite an empty three days in NY. Read more

Columbia is almost empty. Read more

I have just started the venturing class. Read more

Ok, Just applied to the value investing programme. Read more

After one weekend in Miami (great beach days, clubs, a deep hole in my pocket and a very windy landing in Newark) I arrived back in New York on Sunday at 2am. Read more

I am going to Miami for a few days with Tiago and Grego. Read more

Great day today: last final finished. Read more

It is 2 am. Read more

When the Laki fissure part of a volcanic system in Iceland, exploded in 1783, it generated what was described as a blood coloured sun, one of the hottest summers on record in Europe’s history and in 1784 the coldest winter in North America’s history. It was also partially responsible for the French Revolution – crop failure and ensuing poverty. Beware.

This recent eruption made my corporate finance professor Daniel travel from London to Paris via the Eurostar. Then he had to rent a car to get to Barcelona, he must have gone via the south of France, a trip I used to make a lot when I was a child, to finally catch a plane to New York. Read more

There is A LOT going on and I can’t find much time to do even half the things I would like to do. Read more

Ok, I have got tickets to go to the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Read more

The sun is shiny, the neighbourhood is just beautiful in spring and I have some bucks in my pocket: life is good in New York, athough, some bad things can happen. Read more

Seems like I will need some extra school credits this year. Read more

School is getting busy, but good things are on. Read more

12:45am. I need a haircut. But I am not going to the one located at W4 and Charles: I am not in the mood to spend US$135 on a haircut. I am a student and not exactly a super rich one, so thanks to Ricardo I discovered another barber shop, near home, for US$42. Reasonable (two times as expensive as Buenos Aires but not bad at all for NY). Read more

Today I finished the capital markets exam. Read more

After Aspen, suddenly, spring appeared. No more cold, dark or snow. Read more

After a 10-day break I am back in New York. It is 8.55 am and I am about to leave home. Read more

Finally, here I am. Josh’s home. A super cool home in a beautiful spot in Aspen. Read more

Should I spend or should I not? Read more

Ok. Just two hours of the strategy exam. I think (or I would like to think) I did pretty well in it. Read more

Just finished the accounting mid term. I only know two things: 1. I did actually learn much more accounting than I had imagined possible and 2. I am really, really happy the exam is over. Read more

I volunteered to help in the Columbia Investment Management Association conference, but it was not all born out of kindness. Read more

After making some money in the markets this week (selling some corporate bonds in Argentina for clients, Irsa US dollar denominated bonds for those interested) I can happily say that I am planning a trip to Miami after the mid terms without regret. Read more

I will have to pick a stock for next week for the Cima club, to be able to apply to value investing later. Read more