It has been an intense week. From visiting a hedge fund manager on Friday morning to spending time with a friend who is staying with me. Read more

Columbia is a full time job. I realise that there is just not enough time. Read more

The Catcher in the Rye was the first book that I really enjoyed. With that book, at the age of 13, I realised that a good book is really good when you would rather keep reading than watch TV. Read more

I read in the Financial Times the other day: “An increasing amount of money should be directed into emerging markets in the next 10 years as investors realise they can buy better value at a better price and lower risk than developed markets, says Mark Mobius, fund manager of Temit and executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management”. Read more

Finally I have the time to write a few lines and it feels really good after a very intense weekend that finished just a couple of minutes ago. Read more

YESS! I have a good (very good indeed) wi fi signal; I am writing the FT blog at a subway station. I am now about to return home from a cafe where I was finishing my accounting homework for tomorrow morning. Read more

An exemption from stats = I don’t have classes on Friday = I can enjoy without regret the happy hours at Uris on the university campus every Thursday evening. Read more

Finally, against my will, I went to Ikea. Julien (my friend from school who lives one block away from my home) needed almost everything while I only really needed a reasonable couch (at a low price). Read more

I have just finished my exemption exam for statistics and I am now finishing something that must be delivered to the professor tomorrow. Read more

I didn’t want to go to Ikea. I really didn’t, so I just did not go. I went to another store, a little bit more expensive, but nearer my home and much more accessible and less crowded. Read more

As you all know, I don’t have much furniture yet. The reason? Orientation sessions. Read more

I am finally settled. I moved into my new home on Monday at 10pm. My very favourite PA, Sujean (I will explain who the PAs are later on), got my keys while I was in class. Read more

“Everybody ends up spending more than planned in Manhattan”. This is what Jason, an American friend that I met a few weeks ago in Argentina, told me yesterday. Read more

These days have been crazy days for me. Too much I should say. I am really exhausted. Searching for a new home was extremely hard for me.

I was alone and without any kind of experience at all in this quest – finding an apartment in Manhattan. This was my own fault since I should have applied for Columbia Housing and I didn’t. The University Housing makes absolutely everything easier, much easier. Believe me.

I arrived on the morning of the 27th December at 6am.

At 7am I took a cab from JFK to the Pod Hotel at 51st and 3rd Avenue. I left all my stuff in the room, brushed my teeth, had a bath and went find an AT&T shop to buy my Blackberry (bb from now on). Read more

Finally I am at the airport in Buenos Aires, leaving summer and getting into a cold NY winter. Me, my two bags and a big big big tube where my Marcos Lopez artwork is going to make its trip. Read more

As the time approached for my trip I decided to work from home during my last week in Buenos Aires. Read more

Only a few days to go and the clock is ticking. My mind is preparing itself for the shock that will mean changing my whole life in less than a week. Read more

I have finished the last task that remained to be completed before finally getting into a plane for New York City! Read more

I am still in Buenos Aires but will be in New York within two weeks. But, from the very beginning I would like to give you an insight into my Columbia MBA. Read more