It it now almost a year ago, that I was in the last couple of weeks at work and starting to sell and pack up my life in New York city. Read more

There’s a subject that I haven’t talked about in quite a while. Grades! Read more

As things continue to progress with my in-company project, I’m finalising the plans for my Giving Back Project (GBP) from mid-July to mid-August working for SOL (School of Life) Foundation in Roatan, Honduras. Read more

The other day sitting at my In-Company consulting project I realised that the workplace is my comfort zone. Read more

Yesterday was my first day working at my in-company project. Read more

Yesterday I officially completed my last exam as a full-time MBA student at Vlerick, when I sat down for my marketing exam. Read more

My trip to China and the impact it had on me personally is tough to put into words, but I’ll try to for the sake of this blog. Read more

Last Friday at Vlerick was MBA Recruitment day for the full-time IMBA students. Read more

Yesterday was officially the last day of classes for the 2009-2010 class of the Vlerick full-time IMBA programme. Read more

It’s nearly the end of my course work as a Vlerick MBA student (less than a week and a half to go). Read more

Last week an old friend posted an old class photo from our 2nd grade class on Facebook. Read more

If I had to rank the intensity of this week compared with all the other weeks since I began my year here at Vlerick , it would definitely fall within my top three. Read more

I recently blogged that I have a few more weeks of classes as a full-time Vlerick MBA student left before my graduation. There is still a good deal of time remaining before my actual graduation in September. Read more

As I write this blog, I just finished yet another marathon meeting with my business plan team here at VlerickRead more

The past few weeks have all gone by in a blur for me. At this moment I only have six weeks of classes remaining as a full-time Vlerick IMBA studentRead more

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the first “Platform for development” event presented by the Vlerick Alumni and our full-time IMBA studentsRead more

I’ve been immersed for the past three days in “M&A days” an intensive seminar offered by Vlerick for the MBA and Masters students. Read more

For the past few weeks I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my in-company project. This is one of the biggest projects for us this academic year at VlerickRead more

First of all Happy New Year to you! It’s the beginning of my second week back in classes after our way too short winter break when I travelled through Prague, Vienna and Budapest with my friends. The past week was probably one of the toughest I’ve had in my entire time here at VlerickRead more

The one thing I’ve noticed about most students at Vlerick is their affinity for adopting social networking and new technologies. Read more

One of the requirements we have here at Vlerick is to work in teams to write a business plan. Read more

I have completed my exams. The first was financial accounting and I invested a week and a half (especially the weekend) studying for the exam and I was relieved when this part of my finals week was over. Read more

Tonight we had one of our Vlerick alumni networking events sponsored by our career services. The programme was mandatory for me (as well as my other classmates) because we had signed up for the mentorship & career guidance seminar programme offered by the school. Read more

It’s the week before finals and I’m trying my best to remain calm. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. So far, I’ve almost completed fourteen classes since September 1st. Read more

As one of five Americans in my cohort of 43 here at Vlerick, for me in particular it is an enlightening experience to hear the perspectives of my non-American classmates on ‘Americans.’

Since moving here to Europe (and out of my comfort zone), I’ve noticed that America is being characterised as the villain in discussions more openly and more often. I don’t think the intent is malicious at all in most instances; it’s more of an unconscious habit – like rubbing your tired eyes after a long day in front of the computer. Read more