The end of the MBA programme is a time for reflection, but for many the beginning of new careers Read more

Lessons learned on the MBA programme are being put to good use in an internship  Read more

Last month my MBA journey took me to Indonesia to begin my internship.  Already I am enjoying a new culture here in Jakarta – albeit one that is quite different to the Italian culture I had become used to.

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With exams and modules under their belts, the students on the Bradford-Perugia programme are preparing for their internships in various corners of the globe Read more

Studying for an MBA in Italy has allowed one student the chance to indulge his passion for art with frequent trips to Florence Read more

A group project involves not only collaboration, but agreeing on an agreed timetable and objective. When team members hail from various corners of the world this is not always an easy task Read more

The Easter vacation has allowed a period of reflection and not only on the MBA experiences so far, but also thinking about the future and potential careers  Read more

Whilst doing our business research module in which we learnt about effective research and writing skills, our director of studies in Perugia Dr Zahid Hussain took us to visit an Italian company based in the nearby Marche region. Read more

Our latest module is strategic management. As part of it the module leader Deborah Allcock asked us to discuss the question ‘Is marriage strategic?’ It seemed an odd question at first but it really got us thinking about management strategies and how the concept of marriage translates in business. Read more

Studying for an MBA not only gives you a management background but also provides you with experience of other cultures Read more

The holiday season allowed time for reflection on the MBA programme so far and has also created a greater awareness of international business affairs  Read more

Learning about marketing gives students the opportunity to understand the intricacies of brand strategy and various marketing models such as Swot analysis Read more

Studying internationally gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture and to fulfil long-cherished dreams Read more

Although life on an MBA programme is hectic, nevertheless there is still time for a leisurely meal at a traditional Italian restaurant Read more

Operations management may well be a tricky subject but it is a vital topic and worth paying attention in lessons Read more

It is only when you live in a country for a period of time that you really begin to understand its culture Read more