Graduation marks the end of an era as the USC Class of 2011 leave the school for far-flung destinations Read more

It’s hard to celebrate something, when it has only just begun. But that feels like it’s the task at hand. A good friend dropped by my apartment after finals, so we could begin writing the script, live sketches and videos for our 100 Days celebration – marking the countdown to the end of business school. Read more

So, did I overbid, allotting more than half of my points to one class? The answer is yes and no.

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I just can’t gauge the market’s demand for Market Demand. And it’s ruining my appetite. I have 1,000 points at my disposal to bid on courses for the spring semester – my final semester of business school at USC Marshall.

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We had two major fears as we embarked on our noble experiment; would we succeed? And, if we didn’t, what would that say about us and the USC Marshall community? Read more

There I was, dishing out advice like it was free pizza: “Don’t worry about those accounting quizzes; it’s the final when he’ll hit you hard.” Read more

I wasn’t sure if I should be worried or proud. The week before my second year of business school began, I stood 12 rows back from my favourite musician, Bob Dylan. Read more