With my blog coming to an end, I can’t help but feel troubled by the task of summarising our unique experiences.

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The Chinese part of the programme is finally at an end. Read more

If developed countries are guilty of excessive exuberance, developing countries are guilty of ritual bureaucracy.

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Doing business in China already seems far different from our experiences in Russia. Read more

The Chinese part of the programme has finally arrived!

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We are quickly approaching the final stages of the Russian convention centre development programme and pushing towards our upcoming projects in China and India. Read more

Much has happened since we started our consulting work in Kaliningrad, Russia. Read more

My first week consulting for both the city and region of Kaliningrad as well as private investors has been a roller-coaster. Our task is to build a “High Street” that can serve as a main hub of the city. Read more

During the Skolkova MBA programme, students are tasked with at least four internships. Three are in Bric countries (two corporate and one government/public internship) and one corporate internship in the US. Read more

We are almost done with the heavy academic part of the programme! Read more

While everyone hears about corruption in the Brics, such unattractive practices are not always apparent. Read more

Living, working and studying in emerging markets should make anyone who must endure lessons from international desk jockeys sceptical.

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To have McKinsey-designed programmes, world-renowned professors, personal mentors, high-profile events, a triumvirate of corporate/public/social projects and a host of other day-to-day experiences in Moscow is exhilarating for just the first few weeks of the MBA programme.

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It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in Skolkovo’s Moscow offices undergoing days of interviews with managerial consultants, so called “oligarchs”, school staff and professors.

Since my arrival, the adventure and pace of the BRIC MBA has only become more thrilling. Read more