In her final blog Katie sherning from Cranfield looks back on her MBA year, what made it special and what parts of the programme stood out for her Read more

Katie Sherning found a lecture by Jessica Jackley, the co-founder of both Kiva and ProFounder, to be truly inspirational Read more

The MBA programme gives students the opportunity to understand many aspects of leadership, including the dreaded press conference. Read more

Sporting events allow MBA students to network with their peers from other schools. The MBA Sports Tournament hosted by HEC Paris was an enjoyable event with sporting competitions such as tennis and basketball, as well as themed evening events Read more

Co-coaching, under the umbrella of personal and professional development, is for one blogger on the Cranfield MBA an important aspect of the development of leadership skills Read more

While some students use their break for some well-deserved rest and relaxation others can use the time in overseas consulting. A week working in another country can be an eye-opening and rewarding experience Read more

A hectic time for students with exams, competitions and assignments to complete ahead of a much-needed break Read more

Since the last post, a little more time has lapsed than normal, including 48 hours at more than 30,000 feet as I made a brief return trip home to New Zealand. Read more

During the last fortnight the Cranfield School of Management MBAs hosted London Business School (LBS) at Cranfield for a day full of sporting competition and networking, on and off the field, followed by a Robbie Burns dinner. Read more

The second term is well underway. Career development is at the front of everyone’s minds and 360 feedback has proved extremely useful Read more

A project management ive simulation threw up many unexpected problems and showed one MBA cohort the value of planning ahead and the importance of reading the contract  Read more

The holidays provided a welcome opportunity for rest and reflection and the cohort has now returned eager for the second term of their MBA programme Read more

With the first term over and exams and assessments completed it is now just a question of waiting for the exam results and enjoying the growing friendship of the cohort Read more

The MBA programme is becoming more intense and Cranfield students find themselves pulled in several directions at once.  Read more

As well as the Cranfield regatta next July there is plenty for the MBA students to look forward to. They now have to make a choice between a field trip to countries such as Ethiopia and Nepal to work with local businessess, or a study trip to visit businesses in China, South Africa, Japan or Brazil. Read more

As the pace of the term picks up, pressure intensifies for the MBA students with multiple assignments and numerous deadlines Read more

A written case assessment – with only 25 hours to complete it – proves an exacting but exciting task for the MBA cohort and gave students the opportunity to use many of the economic theories they have been taught  Read more

This week the focus has continued on our core term one subjects: accounting, economics, strategic decision science, operations and the supply chain, strategic marketing and organisational behaviour and personal and professional development. Read more

I was in London this weekend for a few hours with friend and fellow MBA student Lucy. We were in a café in King’s Road enjoying English tea and cake and I realised that after we had placed our orders my mind had subconsciously turned to considering what the ‘maximum efficient capacity’ of the café would be. Read more

Despite the heavy workload one MBA blogger has found the time to explore the nearby countryside including a visit to the University of Cambridge  Read more

As the MBA programme gets underway the benefits of team work come to the fore with reading lists split between the team members so that the maximum amount of ground is covered Read more

A week-long orientation gives students the opportunity to get to know each other and to push boundaries. Read more

Before an MBA programme officially begins there is considerable preparation, from pre-reading to sorting out bank accounts.  Read more