Graduation day at HHL Leipzig was a memorable date for the Class of 2013. It was the last time that the class would all be together for quite a while and so the graduation ball was enjoyed by all  Read more

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Every time we move to a new place, we are full of anticipation. At least I am. It makes me wonder where I will stay, what it will look like, whether neighbours will be nice and many other things. And you might ask the same questions. Read more

A careers workshop proved to be a very useful exercise as it helped one blogger to hone her interview techniques Read more

For any MBA an essential part of going to business school is the support received from career services. Being shown the correct way to write a CV or how best to present yourself at an interview can make the difference between getting a job offer or not Read more

Although a simulation, handling yourself in a crisis proved to be a valuable and fun lessons for one MBA cohort Read more

The decision to study for an MBA and then choosing a business school are not easy ones  Read more

Moving to another country to study for an MBA is always a slight culture shock. Even if your country of study is similar to your country of birth there will still be surprises along the way.
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With the first tem at business school under her belt, one MBA blogger is already looking forward to recommencing her studies Read more

Entrepreneurship and becoming an entrepreneur are two of the reasons that many MBA students go to business school. Alumni who have started their own business frequently return to school to give tips and recount their experiences to current students Read more

Group assignments are a wonderful opportunity to learn from your peers, but working together can lead to tensions. There will often be as many opionions about a problem as there are members of the group.  Read more

I recently took part in my first local event – Lichtfest – the festival of lights in Leipzig which commemorates the events of the autumn of 1989 which led to the fall of the Iron Curtain across Europe. Read more

Beginning an MBA programme is an intense experience, but the schools go out of their way to make new students feel at home Read more