It’s official. I am now a MBA graduate. The one year IMD MBA marathon ended last Friday with a beautiful graduation ceremony and a memorable ball. I am happy that the ball was a big success, it started at 7pm and ended the following morning at dawn with goodbyes, hugs and some tears.

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After the International Consulting Project and job search breaks, we are “students” again for the very last part of the programme: one week of change management and three of electives. After having been at liberty to organise my schedule as I wanted, I am now back to a mandatory attendance, eight hours a day classes. Read more

Autumn is definitely here. The temperature in Lausanne is almost as cold as it was when I arrived in January. The forecast indicates some snow for the end of the week. Read more

The last two weeks have been a real job-search marathon. A marathon that took place at IMD with the annual career fair and on-campus interviews. Companies set up stands to meet students and discuss potential opportunities. If there is fit, then they interview in the afternoon. Other companies had already been on-campus for presentations and only scheduled their first or second round interviews during the fair.

Needless to say that it was quite stressful for everyone, depending on the news received after the interviews, good or bad. Like training for a marathon, the job search requires mental strength, determination, dedication and focus. Read more

Life at IMD has changed for the past couple of weeks. No more lectures, case studies or assignments. There are also less people walking around and the restaurant feels empty. 

No need to worry. There are no strikes in Switzerland. It is just that many students are away in places such as Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Finland or India, for their international consulting projects. Read more

After two amazing weeks in South Africa, it’s quite hard to go back to the MBA auditorium for our last weeks of lectures before moving to the international consulting projects.

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Shakira’s song was on everybody’s lips during the World Cup in South Africa. Read more

For our last week before the summer break, we had a special presentation skills workshop given by Steve Knight, a former journalist from the BBC, with group and individual sessions. Read more

Few people return to their old jobs after an MBA. Read more

Today we had the hand over meeting with our start-up entrepreneur, exactly four months after we first met.

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I don’t know yet which company I will join after graduation, but I know that I will spend the last two months of the MBA working full time on my international consulting project (ICP) for Nespresso. Read more

Everything around us is designed by man. It is thus possible take any object, a bag for example and enhance it through innovation.

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Hot is the best adjective to describe this week. Read more

As a wine lover and member of the class’ social committee, I wanted to organise convivial events around wine to share my passion with other students and partners.

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Four exams and four days of vacation later, I am back to “Real world, real learning”. Read more

Last week, I was invited to a cocktail for the 1990 class alumni reunion. One of the alumni told me that his wife, whom he met after his MBA, thought he was just boasting when he told her how much the program was intensive, until she met other alumni who concurred. Read more

On the first day, Martha Maznevski – director of the MBA programme – told us; “If you think you are in control, then you are not going fast enough”. Read more

How can one maintain high performance without burning out? Read more

We have only been studying for seven weeks, but we already have to answer this question : what job do I want to do next year after graduation and how do I get it ? Read more

This is the name of my team which we have chosen for our four-day leadership training. Read more

Ninety students turned into entrepreneurs for four months. Our mission: help more than a dozen start-ups, mainly located in Switzerland, to solve some of their launch and development issues and build a better business case/plan. Read more

I hadn’t worn a suit since the class book photo at the beginning of the month. But for our first global political economy class, it was required. Read more

You probably know the Greek’s myth of Sisyphus. The gods had condemned him, as a punishment, to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of the hill. But the stone would always roll back under its own weight, forcing him to start again. A metaphor for life and its repetitions. Read more

Twelve hours of accounting, eight of economics, eight of supply chain management, four of marketing, two of organisational behaviour, six case studies, uncountable hours of group work and one week later… I am glad it is Sunday! Read more

Just before the official launch of the MBA 2010 year, we had a special pre-programme assignment : community building.

But first we had to discover the community around us, ie the city in which we live and study – Lausanne. Read more