I’m in reflective mood for what will be my last blog as I’ve now finished my MBA at Strathclyde Business School. In what feels like the blink of an eye, a year has passed.

Over the summer I’ve been completing the last leg of the MBA: a project to develop a business model for a technology start-up. I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that the plan receives the approval of the board. Read more

For anyone interested in entering consultancy, my current trip is a reasonably good approximation of what life on the road can be like. Read more

It has been a little while since I have been able to find time to blog. Read more

As you might expect from one of the world’s leading business schools for strategy, Strathclyde’s MBA offers quite a range of strategy courses. Read more

Two of the most intensive and challenging weeks of the Strathclyde MBA have come to an end as we submitted a report for our strategy analysis and evaluation class. Read more

After a brief break we are now back in the thick of it. Read more

With exams now behind me it’s time to take a brief break as I look forward to the coming term. Read more

Put your hand up if you enjoy exams. Read more

The end of the second term is approaching fast. A little too fast. Read more

After a term so far devoted largely to the quantitative aspects of business, it has been something of a welcome contrast (for me, at least) to begin the ‘managing people in organisations’ course. Read more

The rather ominous looking gap in my lecture timetable this week is entitled ‘assignments’. Read more

I have been considering using the platform that this blog offers to promote the MBA Oath to a wider audience. Read more

And so begins another hectic week of MBA life. Read more

I remember with a twinge of embarrassment a project kick-off meeting with a client in Beijing. We exchanged business cards and then chatted a little awkwardly. I watched others exchanging cards and then it struck me… Read more

Somewhat bizarrely, it seems that Clint Eastwood movies could offer an insight for business. If you’ve ever watched his spaghetti westerns you may remember that he waits for his opponent to go for their gun before drawing his. I can’t remember him losing. So what? Read more

We faced more snow this morning as we entered our second day of careers week at Strathclyde Business School. After an initial, intensive five-month period in which we studied a diet of the MBA ‘standards’, such as operations management, it now feels like we are being granted a brief pause to collect our thoughts to look outwards in order to wrestle with the big question of life after study. Read more