With his MBA diploma under his belt, Miguel reflects on his life-changing year as a business school student Read more

With graduation little more than a month away Miguel has no regrets about studying for an MBA Read more

The third term is building on the core courses of the two previous terms and looks at the more practical side of business Read more

School activities continue, even when students are away on internships Read more

An internship gives students the opportunity to work in an unfamiliar company, in a different country and for some can be the reason for opting for an MBa Read more

Sporting events, such as the recent MBAT event, give MBA students the opportunity to network and of course compete against each other. Read more

Understanding strategic management through business case studies and analysis, proves to be very insightful Read more

A one-year MBA programme is extremely demanding and time management is essential to get the most out of the programme  Read more

Last week was the official culmination of our first term. We sat in a room for 80 minutes and rushed through calculations on securities, depreciation and stocks to finish our financial accounting exam. Read more

Guest speakers from leading global companies have been to the school to give presentations on various aspects of their industries Read more

I have just finished reading tomorrow’s case for my Information Systems class and decided to relax and blog about an aspect that I feel is very critical to one-year programmes: managing our time and energy. Read more

You can get all the hard information about a business school off their website, but the daily routine of an MBA student is quite hard to imagine in detail unless you go and visit the school. How are the class and groups composed? What is it like to do an MBA on a daily basis? How are the classes structured throughout the day? Read more

It has only been three weeks since we started our programme and we are already loaded with articles, cases and reading assignments among other deliverables… But rather than talk about what we are doing now, I will talk to you about our first two weeks. Read more

It was a mildly cold and windy morning in Madrid when the whole Class of 2011 (November intake) met at the library and waited to get on the bus and head to Segovia, an old city declared World Heritage by Unesco where we would officially start our International MBA programme.

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One of the facts about our cohort (see last class profile) is that my colleagues come not only from different geographies but also from a wide array of functions and industries. This creates a need to bring those without number-intensive backgrounds to a certain level before the programme starts. To achieve this, there are two pre-courses: financial accounting and quantitative analysis for business. Read more

The time has come. I quit my jobĀ in September, moved out of my apartment, packed up my suitcase and finally moved to Madrid this past week. What can be said in two or three lines took me and my wife months of preparation. The important fact is that we are now in the old continent getting to know our new home, our new school and our new classmates.

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Finding funding for your graduate degree is a time consuming task that requires a very specific plan, specially when most of your colleagues want the same scholarships you are after. Rather than telling you what to do to get one, I will tell you what worked for me and my wife during the process. Read more

The programme start is still almost two months away. I am still in my hometown city of Monterrey in Mexico.

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I walked out of the MBA fair way too confused. It was similar to the feeling you get when you are trying to pick a bottle of wine for the first time. There are hundreds of options on the shelves and they all seem so alike that you don’t know where to start.

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Not long ago when I was completing my Six Sigma Certification, our coach gave us a very good example about the interpretation of measurements. Read more

A couple of weeks ago I took one of the most important decisions in my career: to start an MBA programme at IE Business School and leave behind a great consulting position at one of the most interesting companies around in terms of culture and professional development: General Electric. Read more