Graduation was not quite the end for me and I thought I would write my final blog about the incoming One-Year MBA Class, the class of 2011. Read more

I suppose this was why I came here. Read more

A few weeks back, in the middle of the craziness of wrapping up projects and preparing for final exams I couldn’t help but squeeze in a weekend to Dallas. Read more

During the fall quarter I was asked if I would appear on a television feature about the Kellogg One-Year MBA program. Read more

Having little to no practical experience in starting and running a new business, one of the focuses of my MBA was entrepreneurship. Read more

There are a lot of advantages to being at a business school within a large university, as is the Kellogg School of Management which is located at Northwestern University. Read more

Jazz has had a huge influence on Chicago and I have been lucky enough to hear some great acts during my year at the Kellogg School of Management. Read more

Last weekend was the annual alumni reunion as well as the spring term production of “Special K” – a student display of amateur dramatics. Read more

Throughout my year at the Kellogg School of Management I have been exposed to diversity. Read more

I can’t believe this is my final term on the Kellogg One Year MBA programme. Read more

This week has been a particularly exciting start to a new term at the Kellogg School of Management, my final term here. Read more

We have just arrived in Shanghai after a busy week visiting Xi’an and Chengdu. Read more

We have just arrived in Beijing for the first leg of a two week trip to China. Read more

I was a member of one of two teams representing The Kellogg School of Management at the Wharton Buyout Case Competition. Read more

With only three weeks of class left this term, one class that is becoming particularly exciting is marketing strategy with Prof Carpenter. Read more

Most students miss having a regular salary. Read more

Today was the 11th Annual Kellogg Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference. This year the conference was the largest yet, with a sell-out attendance of over 300 students, alumni and professionals. Read more

Chicago is a cold place to be over the winter, with temperatures consistently below freezing and snow both a regular treat and inconvenience. Last week I joined some alumni from the One Year Kellogg MBA prgramme to embrace the cold by plunging into Lake Michigan for charity. Read more

I have mental metrics that seem to be good indicators as to how much value I get out of my classes. Read more

I didn’t anticipate that I would spend much time recruiting at business school. After all, I am returning to the Boston Consulting Group on graduation, so I assumed the whole process would pass me by. It turns out that I was quite wrong. Read more

The Kellogg School of Management has a very strong marketing programme, both within the classroom and without.

The conference promised to tell you the secrets of the person in red

The conference promised to tell you the secrets of the person in red

 Read more

Time management at business school is something many students struggle with. There is only enough time to pursue a fraction of the worthwhile opportunities available. Students constantly grumble about this as if it were out of their control, including me. Read more

I returned to The Kellogg School of Management last week knowing I had a busy winter term ahead. I am doing five credits this term as well as supporting a local non-profit with developing the business plan for a new school in Chicago. Read more

The course that I have thought about the most this term is values based leadership. I don’t mean I thought about it in terms of number of assignments. Rather the number of times I have reconsidered questions posed in class as they crop up in normal life. Read more

GIM China class of 2009

GIM China class of 2009

Picture this, an American from Cleveland, an Asian Indian American, a student from Poland and myself trying to agree on a research topic on China. That is our challenge over the next few weeks as we start our Global Initiatives in Management (GIM): China class.

GIM is a very popular course at Kellogg with more than 400 students participating last year and involves in-depth study of a country. Students can choose from one of 8 countries or regions that have a GIM class.

Students collaborate with faculty advisors to design a ten-week curriculum on the chosen country. The curriculum is taught in class and includes guest speakers. For GIM China we will study topics such as economics, health care reform, consumerism, culture and many more. Read more