As everyone prepares to go home for the holiday period, many of the international students are also planning students admissions events in their home towns. Read more

I am returning to Kellogg from a welcome week-long break for Thanksgiving. I now have a week left to finish classes, group projects, take my fall term final exams and enjoy a couple of farewell parties before I head back to England for Christmas. Read more

I couldn’t have avoided [American] football in the US this term even if I had tried. It is a huge part of the American culture I wanted to sample coming to a US business school. I could not have imagined how much I would have taken to it however. Read more

View from the office, downtown Chicago

View from the office, downtown Chicago

When considering whether or not to embark on an MBA, one of my initial considerations was: how much more could I learn about “business” in a classroom compared with on-the-job experience?

There were two key aspects to the One-Year Kellogg MBA programme that tipped the decision towards the MBA.

First, and the most obvious, was the fact that I could graduate in a year and have almost complete flexibility to focus on the areas most important to my personal development. Read more

Kellogg Cares is an annual event, where volunteers sign up for a day of community service in the Evanston and Chicago area. This year was the largest in its six-year history, with 30 community organisations providing projects, 350 volunteers participating (up 150 from last year), and 20 per cent of those volunteers coming from outside the full time MBA programme – significant others, part time MBA students, PhDs, Executive MBA students, alumni, faculty and staff. Read more

This FT MBA blog explains the one-year MBA programme at the Kellogg School of Management Read more