The Chicago Booth 2010 Management Conference was held in Chicago on April 29, 2010. Read more

The dean of Chicago Booth, Ted Snyder kicked off the official countdown to graduation for the Chicago Booth Class of 2010 with a champagne toast for the entire class. Read more

On April 12, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business hosted its first European Conference. Read more

Education, I have always believed, is about more than books, classrooms and exams. Read more

The Chicago Booth Formal took place this weekend, with the theme being “masquerade”. Read more

Former US Treasury Secretary, Henry “Hank” Paulson Jr will be speaking at the University of Chicago next week. Read more

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I guess I should do a blog entry on love in the MBA context. Read more

The other evening I was in a study group for a finance class. Read more

The quality of admitted business school classes are in inverse proportion to the state of the economy. Read more

A neon sign has gone up at Chicago Booth that reads “why am I here and not somewhere else?”

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When it comes to recruiting, it is clear that there is such a thing as a collective memory in the labour force. Well at least as far as the MBA labour force is concerned.

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I write from India, where I am spending my winter break. There is a certain joy in re-exploring the familiar through a new set of glasses and with my MBA glasses on, I am “seeing” more than I ever did before.

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Winter is finally here in Chicago. So are this term’s final exams.

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The exams are fast approaching and we decide to let off some steam by playing paintball! Read more

It’s that time of a term when we begin to bid on classes for the next term.

At Chicago Booth, the academic year consists of three terms and students take three-four courses per term. So, as the autumn term draws to a close, it is time to figure out the classes I want for the next (winter) term. Of course, this is Chicago and we believe in the free-markets to solve most of our conundrums; so who gets what courses is determined through an electronic stock-market like bidding system, where each student is assigned some points (“money”) and then you bid on classes.

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I’m at the departure terminal of Chicago O’Hare airport, getting myself a bite to eat while waiting for my flight. Seated next to me is a US armyman, dressed in battle fatigues, perhaps between flights. There have been at least a dozen people, complete strangers, who have stopped by to shake the armyman’s hand, to say, “thank you for serving, we appreciate it”.

Imagine that – complete strangers, at a busy airport, stopping by to shake the man’s hand and to express gratitude for his service to the US. Wow! I know this is the Midwest and patriotism runs high in these lands, but this was something to experience.

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Here is a remarkable story of two of my classmates at Chicago Booth – David Lieb ’10 and Jake Mintz ’10 – who started a new technology company while pursuing their MBA at Chicago Booth. Their company, “Bump” started off as a wildly successful Apple iphone application that allows users to exchange contact information easily, but is now fast morphing into a universal mode for information exchange across platforms and perhaps might even become a payment gateway for mobile devices, among other things. Read more

Fall is the most spectacular time of the year, especially on wooded campuses, with the trees all hues of flaming reds, yellows, oranges and so on.

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The recruiting season is in full swing, and a friend of mine posted the following Facebook status, which had me in splits this morning: “I will have a Masters in Business Administration. Would you like fries with that?”

…but that’s not the whole story; will soon be putting up a very big success story about my classmates…watch this space…