Farewells and saying goodbye’s have always been hard on me. Though most of the time we close one chapter of our lives to set sail for something better, it is not always easy to leave people and memories behind. Especially if these memories form the best era of your life… Read more

This week is officially our last week in the MBA programme of SDA Bocconi. We will have two more days of courses and will continue with the final exams of the minor concentrations. Read more

At Bocconi we are officially in the last two weeks of the MBA programme. As I mentioned in my last blog, we are doing our minor concentrations. The options we had as minor concentrations were asset management, innovation or luxury and fashion design. Read more

It’s mid-October. Fall has come to Milan. The weather has got colder, the rainy season has once again started, the sky is getting darker and darker every day, leaves are falling off the trees and there are no more families having picnics in the Milan parks. Nature signals that fall has come to Italy while we, the MBA students, take that as a signal that we have come to the end of our beautiful MBA programme here in SDA Bocconi. Read more

Regatta is the biggest social event of SDA Bocconi’s MBA programme. It is a four-day event made up of sailing races, parties, business conferences and social events. Read more

The fourth and final term of SDA Bocconi’s MBA programme started at the beginning of September. Read more

As I have mentioned, I have done my three-month long MBA summer internship in the brand marketing department of KitchenAid Brand – the luxury brand of Whirlpool. I worked in Whirlpool’s European headquarters and had the chance to work with colleagues from all over the world. Read more

Dear MBA blog readers, I am back after a three-month summer interval. When I say “summer”, I know that some of you start imagining yourself on a beach, relaxing and enjoying yourself with a book in hand. Read more

The third term of SDA Bocconi’s MBA programme finished at the end of May.  After having spent a one-week vacation in my home city of Istanbul in Turkey, I once again returned to Milan. Spending only a week in the gigantic city of Istanbul, home to an estimated population of 17 million people, was of course not enough. Read more

Last Thursday was the last day of our third term final exams. Read more

The end of the third term is approaching quickly. Read more

As 10 of SDA Bocconi MBA students coming from different countries, we decided to leave for Puglia the other Friday afternoon. Read more

Spring has finally arrived in Milan, despite the rain pouring down once in a while and turning the weather into a chilly autumn day. Read more

This term’s search for an internship has lasted more than the MBA students, career development service or SDA Bocconi school administration had expected. Read more

Recruitment season is about to come to a close for SDA Bocconi MBA 35 students. Read more

We have just started a new course called applied decision making. Read more

In my previous blog I mentioned that we have started the third term of our MBA programme after four days of Easter holiday. Read more

Our finals exams from the second term finished last week and yesterday the new term, the third term began with full force. Read more

We have had our final exam of the second term: strategy. And now we have five days to recover until the third term begins. Read more

Whether you are in high school, undergrad or an MBA it is always the same: Life is put on “stand by” mode when the final exam period begins. Read more

Doing a one-year MBA programme at SDA Bocconi is like running a marathon. Read more

Every bone in my body is hurting right now. And no, I didn’t play sport and I’m not sick. I’m just exhausted. Read more

Yesterday I had a conversation about diversity management. Read more

Today in our information systems class, we talked about Web 2.0. Read more

We are officiallly in the last month of our second term. Read more