With his MBA studies at Tsinghua SEM at and end Thomas Gatley reflects on his time in China and his hopes for the future Read more

A behind the scenes look at a leading international internet retailer is an interesting experience. Although it may look like chaos, in fact the factory is a highly optimised facility Read more

There are many perils inherent in generalising from the particular, nowhere more so than in China. Read more

Returning to Beijing last week from my internship in Hong Kong, I had a strange sense that I was coming home.

 Read more

An internship in Hong Kong gives Thomas the opportunity to have another look at the island as well as getting to grips with his (secret) summer job opportunity Read more

Studying for a CFA exam alongside an MBA is a time-consuming experience and requires considerable commitment Read more

With the first year of the programme over, it is time for internships both on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong Read more

For many students, for whom English is not their first language, exams are doubly stressful as they test their English comprehension skills as well as their knowledge of the subject Read more

Despite exams and late night classes the MBA programme at Tsinghua is highly enjoyable  Read more

It is somewhat facile to talk in terms of a consistent party line, but it is pretty interesting to hear what influential individuals have to say. Read more

MBA students have the opportunity to visit a factory in China to watch the quality control process Read more

Computer simulations – games – in the classroom provide frresh insights for MBA students Read more

The new semester starts today, with a lot to look forward to. Our remaining core courses include both global standard modules – corporate finance, marketing, operations management and strategic management – and some local flavour – Chinese economy in the world, the Chinese institutional environment & business law. Read more

If you’re online Wednesday afternoon at around 14.00/15.00 GMT, I highly recommend that you check out an ‘Ask the Experts’ panel that FT.com is running on the subject of MBA 2011 with such luminaries as Tom Robertson, Dean at Wharton:

Disclaimer – I may or may not be one of the ‘Experts’ on this panel…

Students bid for the elective courses they want to take – a stark reminder of the realities of the free market Read more

So your professor asks every study group in your class to produce a course summary: a comprehensive run-through of the textbook and readings for the semester. PowerPoint? “Unnecessary, this is 100 per cent about content.” Can we focus on a few key highlights? “no, you need to cover everything.” Read more

Standing backstage in my tuxedo, watching a group of Chinese EMBA students perform a highly polished flamenco routine in front of an audience of hundreds of their (and my) peers, I had something of an epiphany.

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I’m sure we’re not alone at Tsinghua in having plenty of final exams coming up at the end of this semester. Read more

Many marketing strategies in China are pretty blunt and lacking in imagination. Such strategies do little to combat the broadly held perjorative view of China as the arch-imitator. Read more

Yesterday I and a team of volunteers from my class finally completed the project that we had been working on for the last six weeks. Read more

How often do we hear that cultures communicate differently, only to find the largest gaps exist not between one culture and another, but between individuals? Read more

Ethics have been a consistent focus at Tsinghua this semester. I was initially sceptical about the idea of a separate class to discuss ethics; ideally it should be a ubiquitous consideration throughout all other learning. Read more

This week heralded the arrival of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management’s incredibly heavyweight advisory board. Read more

I recently arrived back from a trip to Shanxi, a province approximately 500km west of Beijing famous both for its ancient historical sights and its status as the coal-mining capital of China (a factory in Shanxi was the last commercial producer of steam-engines, and only stopped production in the 1970s). I went to see a couple of the former, but the latter was everywhere in evidence. Read more

Regardless of the class, be it leadership, managerial thinking or microeconomics, the same question is posed again and again in a variety of guises: “But is it true/does it work/will it be that way in China?” Read more