A visit to the local hospital and there is also time to test a questionnaire on village residents  Read more

A field trip to Mali, visiting community clinics, is an eye-opening experience Read more

Recently the idea of entrepreneurship as a panacea to the world’s economic ills has gained widespread popularity. But the underlying assumption – that entrepreneurship is a new concept in Africa, Latin America and south east Asia and that it refers to micro-enterprises with one employee – is based on a misconception. Read more

The spring term for many MBA programmes is informally designated for studying abroad. As such, my classmates at Fuqua are currently dispersed all over the globe, from South Africa to Thailand. I am in Mali where I am working with a group of doctors to implement an epidemiological study. Read more

Discussing ethical lapses in the business community has become the zeitgeist – the talk becomes so ubiquitous that the original wrongdoings get lost amidst a flurry of excessively personal coverage. Read more

Networking can turn every business school student into a Ponce de Leon looking for the fountain of everlasting contacts. The process can unfortunately drift towards a more goal-oriented venture that ignores surrounding opportunities.

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“So are you guys going to invest in the business?”

I wasn’t too sure. I had my doubts but I definitely understood the viability of the product. Is it truly a unique product, will the patent protection hold? What is the competition offering?

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Buzzwords abound in business school: mentor, efficiency, no-arbitrage and of course caffeine. Let us not forget competition, the Zeus of buzzwords and the foundational tenet of the modern economy. Read more

Two years in a classroom can make you forget that assumptions are not truths. Instead more often than not, they are ideals. I was reminded of this the other day while watching Alan Greenspan reiterate his confusion regarding the current state of the market.  Read more

As students we have packed Outlook calendars and frantic schedules. Immediate access to the world and perhaps more importantly, the constant ability to plan schedules has made us all merely our own personal assistants.

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